No Classes and Work Tomorrow Jan 17 2010 to Friday Jan 22 2010 According to Text Message

There's a circulating text message allegedly saying that the Malacañang declared a five day holiday starting tomorrow Jan. 17, 2010 up to Friday Jan. 21, 2010. No reason is included in the text message on why there are no classes and work starting tomorrow. Verbatim text message below received via Sun:
News Update:

MALACAÑANG declared no work and no classes on Jan. 17-21 for it is a whole week holiday! Keep updated. For more info, just log on to:

www.tuo.ka?! or or or

I checked all the websites mentioned in the text message and apparently none of them are loading. It's either these websites does not exist, are down for the moment, or have been taken down a long time ago.

Don't keep your hopes up. I'm sure this is fake. Why on Earth would there be no classes and work tomorrow? There's absolutely no enough reason.

'Till my next installment.

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