Sing - My Chemical Romance

I watched My Chemical Romance performing on Conan O'Brien late night a couple of days ago. Basically this post is the result of MCR reminding themselves to me. For those who didn't know yet, My Chemical Romance released a music video of their song titled "Sing" from their latest album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Watch it below:

I just want to share this song because it really sounds nice. "Sing" is far off when compared to previous MCR albums but it does sound catchy and it perfectly matches the theme of the video (it doesn't lose its darkness though). It would be a perfect song for a Final Fantasy AMV or whatever.

Digressing, I find it somewhat funny and ironic at the same time that the "emo" population is now scarce. The Black Parade and a couple of years ago, you'll see emo and emo-wannabes littering the streets. Now though only those who are truly emo are left. I've nothing against emos but total respect because in a sense I'm a brother of theirs in rock. Oh yes, emo, death metal, glam, pop, country, nu, alternative, speed metal, Christian, whatever. I listen to anything rock. If anything, I appreciate the guitars and the music.

Support My Chemical Romance and all artists for that matter. Get their album legitimately.

'Till my next installment.

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