God Eater Burst Bullet Mixing and Best Bullet Combinations Guide

God Eater Burst is such a very challenging game that – sword and shield leet skills aside – you also need to juice up your bullets for wider area hits and stronger damage – that is, if you know how to properly mix bullets.

Now, I'll compile here God Eater Burst's best bullet combinations. Y'know, the kind that will drain 60 OP at one shot but will cause massive damage when properly used. And just imagine the possibilities of these bullets combined with the 9999 OP CWCheat.

Now, this is going to be a lot of God Eater Burst bullet mixing information. I suggest you take it in one by one and not in one seating, or else you'll get your head blown off. Anyway, read on and enjoy:

How to create/modify a bullet in God Eater Burst

1. Go to any terminal in the Fenrir Far East Branch Headquarters;

2. Select the Bullet option from the menu;

3. Select an empty box in the bullet deposit box then press triangle for the bullet menu. You can create a new bullet, edit an existing bullet, or duplicate an existing bullet;

4. You'll arrive at this bullet interface. Edit your bullet to your liking, save it and name it as your own;

WARNING: Creating bullets could take an obscene amount of time off your day. I tried making one to no success and it ate 5 hours of my morning.

God Eater Bullet Mixes and Combinations Guide

Now, just look at all the photos below and follow the formula on your bullet mixing menu. Bullet credits via their respective owners/mixers:

You can also download a .doc file via the link below which also contains bullet mixes that aren't mentioned above:

Download GOD EATER BULLETS.doc here

Format: Microsoft Word File (.doc)
Size: 39.5KB


• Make sure you have sufficient OP to fire the bullets above. As you can see, those bullets eat OP big time. You'll be on a crunch if you'll use these in a critical mission;
• You can't create some of the bullets above until you've reached a certain difficulty setting (or at least if Licca hasn't mailed you information regarding new chips yet);
• Bullets above work as advertised when used with the proper gun i.e. gun that has a Blaze element multiplier of 5.60x. So unless you're using a specialized bullet on a specialized gun, you'll still be seeing mediocre bullet damage;
• Deco Bullets are decoration effect bullets and depends on how you use it,you can make certain bullet hit a certain aragami weakspot or make your bullet a long range type. Less decoration means more hits and more damage;
• SS, S, M and L pertain to the size of the bullet you're mixing;
• There are only 8 slots in the bullet mixing menu. Make every slot count.

And just to piss you off, you can even reach up to 5,418 damage. Watch the YouTube clip below (God Eater Japanese Version):

The video above and of course, this very post, should inspire you to create your own 5000D+ bullet mix. Like I said, who needs 9999 Gun Attack when you can just do 9999 OP and use the bullets mentioned above to impress your friends?

Thanks and credits to all the people that contributed to this post (too many to mention). This God Eater Burst bullet mixing compilation won't be possible without these folks.

If you have your very own strong bullet mix, you can send it to us either through the Contact Us link above  or the e-mail icon on the right. We can publish it here and even include your name on the page!

'Till my next installment.

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  1. thanks your awesome man

  2. i heard that the GEB version are nerfed down since the original GE have OVERPOWERED bullets?

  3. Sometimes i can't understand but my only high attack is 314 damage from the top the document i cant understand it

  4. Where did you get the Attack 1268!

  5. ^That's from the Fireball Ver.HB.

  6. dude.. juz wanna ask.. all bullet is for sniper type only or can be use with other gun.. need to use the most effective gun..

  7. hey guyz what is the recipe of the 5000+ damage??

  8. the video have 5,418 damage because of her gun (and blaze/spark kit and blaze kit 2 [not sure both]). because, i have serpent cannon 2 [with x6.30 on blaze] but my dmg is 3260 only (without kit).

    here is the recipe.
    [bullet v1] (chips: 27/64 OP: 116)
    1. L-Radial [lock]
    2. L-Radial [lock]
    3. M-Control(track): long duration [lock]
    4. L-Radial(track) [0.2 sec. after 3]
    5. L-Radial(track) [0.2 sec. after 3]
    6. L-Radial(track) [5 sec. after 3]
    7. L-Radial(track) [when 3 disappears]
    8. L-Radial(track) [when 3 disappears]

    [bullet v2] (chips: 31/64 OP: 116)
    1. M-control(track): long duration [lock]
    2. L-Radial(track) [2sec after 1]
    3. L-Radial(track) [3sec after 1]
    4. L-Radial(track) [3sec after 1]
    5. L-Radial(track) [5sec after 1]
    6. L-Radial(track) [5sec after 1]
    7. L-Radial(track) [when 1 disappears]
    8. L-Radial(track) [when 1 disappears]

    the maker of the bullet in video is cool. can damage on Radial while doing damage on blade. :3

  9. It makes 5000+ dmg only because of the Serpent Gun. When I use my Koenigs- weapons, I'd do 5000+ Divine dmg too.

  10. i have a question...

    how do i set the time of the bullets? o.O

    all i can do is set the time to (Same time as (Module number) and (LOCK Press this Button)...

    how do i do the part when the effect appears (5sec after 1) or (3sec after 1) and stuff? o.o

  11. how was it in the video? so great!

  12. i have 2 Q.'s first can someone please give me a good bullet combination for a level 4 character. and where can i download GEB DLC?

  13. Thanks man you are legend

  14. @Anon 13

    You can find GEB DLCs at the PSP's PSN. That is, if you're running on the latest 6.xx firmware series. There's already 6.xx PRO-B6. That will assure entry and free downloads at the PSN.

    @Anon 14

    Thank you man. Don't forget though: All the people that contributed into making this guide are bigger legends than me.

  15. Kram (the chick magnet)July 2, 2011 at 1:35 PM

    hi...im an avid fan of geb. just wanna share my own bullets. don't know if someone else has already created them. Anyway, here they are:

    (use a gun with high pierce damage. upgrades that would increase pierce, element, and shot-type oracle would help as well)
    1. BLAZE L Shot: short-range bullet
    2. BLAZE M Orb: sticky bullet (on impact of 1)
    3. BLAZE L Shot: very short-range bullet (0.2 sec after 2)
    4. BLAZE L Shot: very short-range bullet (0.5 sec after 2)
    5. BLAZE L Shot: very short-range bullet (1 sec after 2)
    6. BLAZE L Shot: very short-range bullet (2 sec after 2)
    7. BLAZE L Shot: very short-range bullet (3 sec after 2)
    8. BLAZE L Shot: very short-range bullet (on impact of 7)

    (to appreciate the effect, have the target elevated. Actual damage of course would not be shown because the target is small. Try to use it on Sariel)
    1. DIVINE M Control: bullet that faces the enemy
    2. BLAZE L Shot: short-range bullet (0.2 sec after 1)
    3. BLAZE M Shot: rotate right, tight (on impact of 2)
    4. BLAZE M Shot: rotate right, tight (on impact of 2) hor 0, ver 90 up
    5. FREEZE M Shot: rotate right, tight (on impact of 2) hor 120 right, ver 30 up
    6. FREEZE M Shot: rotate left, tight (on impact of 2) hor 120 right, ver 30 down
    7. SPARK M Shot: rotate right, tight (on impact of 2) hor 120 right, ver 60 up
    8. SPARK M Shot: rotate left, tight (on impact of 2) hor 120 right, ver 60 down

    1. FREEZE L Shot: short-range bullet
    2. FREEZE M Control: bullet that faces the enemy (0.2 sec after 1)
    3. FREEZE L Shot: short-range bullet (0.2 sec after 2)
    4. FREEZE L Shot: short-range bullet (0.5 sec after 2)
    5. FREEZE L Shot: short-range bullet (1 sec after 2)
    6. FREEZE L Shot: very short range bullet (on impact of 5)
    7. FREEZE L Shot: very short range bullet (when 6 hits enemy)
    8. FREEZE XS Shot: scattering burst-fire bullets (on impact of 6)

    Enjoy playing!




  19. question...how to defeat the susano'o in difficulty 10 my comrade REN always dying.

  20. nice bullets ill try crafting later on this afternoon,

  21. i can do 1426 dmg at the moment.

  22. can do 2404 dmg for now.

  23. Best bullet to use in lvl 3 mission with head direct hit

    1. S Shot omni homing bullet
    2. M Deco laser very short range bullet vertical 120 on impact of 1
    3. M Controll bullet with short duration 90 when 3 disappears
    4. S Shot very short range bullet same time as 3
    5. S Shot very short range bullet 0.2 sec after 3
    6. S Shot very short range bullet 0.5 sec after 3

    It has exceptional damage when used with the proper gun. You just have to adjust with the elements to acquire maximum damage with the aragami that you're dealing with. Plus this bullet is best used for Gboro-gboro, Chi-you and Quadrigas. You can also convert #4, 5 and 6 as laser chips for snipers.

  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMySNuR4IJQ hey does anybody know the translation for this bullet?

  25. Hmm. Could you suggest one that uses bombs?

  26. hey guys can u tell me something nice about bullets?
    like other recipes
    or when will you unlock those L Deco laser things
    and how to connect please

  27. Can anyone help me solve this bullet...i call it flamethrower.

    1.S Deco-Shot:rotate right, tight HOR.60 right
    2.M Orb:stop in place same time as 1
    3. M Control:bullet with short duration same time as 1
    4.L Radial same time as 3 VER 5 up
    5.l Radial same time as 3 VER 5 down
    6.L Radial 0.2 sec after 3 VER 5 up
    7.L Radial 0.2sec after 3 VER 5 down
    8.L Radial 0.5 sec after 3

    I'm using Alisa's weapon ( Raging Lore X ) Rank 10 and i got modules 2 and 5, 4 and 5, 6 and 7 clashed and disappeared.
    damage was 2037 but i am hoping a 3000 from it after it is properly made.

  28. how can i set the time of a bullet??

  29. Wew, Good Jod. Dude

  30. Dude can u please reupload the Doc file ? Megaupload has been banned. Thanks

  31. reupload the Doc file please to mediafire

  32. Why I dont have Shot: omni homing bullet and Shot: advance all-angle guidance?

  33. To set the time just press x, then ur able to access the timebar, there ull get a scrolldownbar with the options

  34. can I request to reupload it :D

  35. Hey, I have been playing at difficult 8 up until now
    but I still can't defeat 4 VAJRAS at difficult 7
    Can anybody gimme a guide? :)

  36. This bullet is usefull if u have the 9999 OP CWCheat, and best used consecutively.
    Any of these can be used with any element.

    1: M Control: Bullet that faces the enemy. (Lock)
    2: L Shot: Omni homing bullet (When 1 disappears)
    3: M Deco-Shot: Very short range bullet (Same time as 1) (5 degrees Vertical)
    4: M Control: Short duration, faces enemy (When 3 disappears)
    5: L Shot: Advanced all-angle guidance (When 4 disappears)
    6: L Shot: Very short range bullet (When 5 hits enemy)
    7: L Shot: Advance all-angle guidance (Sane time as 1)
    8: L Shot: Very short range bullet (When 7 hits enemy)

  37. @Devin Agasi Adar...stun would help a lot with the 4 vajras... use a sword/gun with high pierce damage. divide and conquer.

  38. the way how I defeat 4 Vajras in difficulty 7 are stun grenades and sunder abilities equipped by long blades are also proven useful. I tried a blade called Con Fuoco has been very useful to me. A vajra's weakness is the tail and it is the same to any aragami that has a tail.Effective elements for the vajra which can be referred at the database that are divine,blaze and ice. When enraged, you should use the stun grenades to knock it down for a while longer. When knocked down, you must quickly destroy the front legs and the head. Besides that, you could use a piercing type of bullet of any element except sparks and aim at the head. With that technique, the vajra would retreat from u and will make it easier for u to fight them one by one. I hope this helps you , my friend. thank you!

  39. Hey you guys i have a bullet but u can call fuck you all XD 7210 damage . 3k for crush and element for d aders.
    Recipe oh.putang ina nyo gago kayo ang bobobo nyo gumawa ng bala bobo tanga nyo
    1L bomb
    2L radial same as 1
    3m control short duration same as 1
    4s shoots diagonally upward 120down 0.2 ....
    5L Bomb 0.5 .....
    6L Radial 0.5 ....
    7L radial when 1disappear
    8L bomb when 1 disapear

  40. Thanks you great help

  41. i have a bullet that cause alot of damage that cause 3000+ in difficult 4-10, usefull in every battles

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