Photo of the Day: Lossers and Possers Go to Hell

Every now and then you'll see someone wearing deathmetal make-up while singing Rebecca Black's Friday or donning Avril Lavigne's get up while crooning Lady GaGa songs. Yep, it's unavoidable. And in this world, we call them poseurs. Not posers, not fosers, but poseurs. Which brings me to this: If you keep on being a poseur, this girl will be rocking your doorstep:

Remember that if you're a POSSER you're a LOSSER. Plus the fact that you'll go to, what presumably is, POSSER hell.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. I think posing is ok when you have a captive audience... why not make an impression and live a little I say ;) Looove the photo of the day section - keep em coming =)


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