Nintendo 3DS – Messing Around With the AR Card

While it may be old news for 3DS owners and gaming fans, I just want other people to see how wonderful a machine the 3DS is. Aside from gaming, photos and the browsing, the Nintendo 3DS also offers 3D manipulation with the help of what Nintendo calls the AR card.

What the AR card does is set up a 3D image viewable via the 3DS screen. The 3DS camera recognises the card and, depending on your choice, could prop you up with a Nintendog, a giant man, or a dragon. This is to say that wherever you place your AR card, a 3D moving image will appear. These guys found it out the funny way:

Yep, that's right. That's one angry dragon rising up his pants. Next time he should put the AR card at his butt, see what happens.

Me being the gaming guy I am, I'm planning to purchase a Nintendo 3DS soon – and it's all because of this video. Ha! Maybe I'll do this neat trick too. Y'know, just to impress my gal. Anyway, there's lots of videos of other different stuff people did with their AR cards and Nintendo 3DSs. Just search for it on YouTube.

'Till my next installment.

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