Stealing Content is Illegal, So You Should Stop

It has come to my attention that some unscrupulous blogs and websites have been copying contents and ideas from Tj's Daily! without putting any credit link back. This has happened to me before, but it wasn't as many as I'm experiencing today. Some even copy high-traffic posts. I don't know, maybe this blog's just famous or plagiarizers find my content valuable. But just like what did on its website, this copying just has to stop.

Effective today, as the administrator and owner of this website, I will start filing DMCA takedown notices, Google splog reports and all actions within my reach against blogs and websites that copy the contents of this blog without putting any credit or source link back. Whatever the host or service you're using (GoDaddy, Wordpress, Bluehost, Blogger), a takedown would be so easy since these companies are very sensitive about these things. They don't want plagiarized content circulating in their servers and your site's easy money scheme will be over.

What I would allow is the copying of the introduction sections of my posts with a whole address link back. That's what some established and proper websites do. I've seen these websites copy only my introductions and link me back. That's what you should do too. Again, copy only the introduction and link back.

We're not taking this ordinarily. We're serious on enforcing this and this will not go ignored. You have been warned.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. that's just sad! nice move against plagia... goodluck! :)


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