The Tj's Daily! App is Now on the Nokia OVI Store

Since the mobile industry's phone surfing boom, I looked for ways here and there to mobilize Tj's Daily! on cellphones, tablets, and whatever. See, it has been a little big dream of mine to put this blog on a mobile platform. Sadly. Blogger's mobile capabilities are limited to those who are using default templates, and sometimes it just doesn't cut it at all. Imagine all the users that would be benefiting from my posts if this blog was available on mobile. What's more is, tech pundits say that mobile internet surfing is the next frontier, if y'know what I mean.

But all that has changed a couple of hours ago. With the help of a Nokia OVI Specialist, Tj's Daily! has successfully integrated itself on the mobile internet world, specifically at the Nokia OVI Store. Folks, I present to you, Tj's Daily! Mobile:

If you own a Nokia cellphone and have the Nokia OVI store installed, you can download the Tj's Daily! OVI app for free, absolutely no charge! Now you can look for the latest and newest games, cheats and happenings right on your phone – anytime, anywhere!

So go ahead, download the Tj's Daily! Mobile app now. It's just 0.19MB. Best of all, FREE! Anyway, thanks again to Nokia and the Nokia OVI Specialist who made this possible.

Hey, this is just the beginning of the Tj's Daily! Mobile mobile platform presence. I promise you there will be more.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Gosh, you're so haytek! XD

    badtrip kumuha ng cityscape photos dito, sobrang daming tao sa daan. dapat super aga gumising, di pa naman ako morning person. hahahaha


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