Minecraft for PSP - Lamecraft

The PSP homebrew scene is interesting again thanks to a developer called Drakon. Inspired by the hot Minecraft for the PC, Drakon created his own version of Minecraft and ported it to the PSP. The result: Lamecraft.

Nope, this isn't the fake Minecraft on PSP you saw on YouTube last January. This is the real thing. Not fake, but legit. Try it yourself.

Apparently, it's updated to Rev113 which, if I'm not mistaken, is the equivalent of version 1.13.
*Icon and background in PSP menu
*Parametric terrain generation
*Player walking sounds - more sounds will probably come
*Option in game menu to on/off player sounds
*Option in game menu to rename world
*When you will hold jump button player will repeat jumping
*When you are using parametric terrain generation and you will choose flat terrain, water will automatic turn off for now.

And the good thing is, Lamecraft is signed! That means that you'd still be able to play this Minecraft for the PSP even when you're running on the latest OFW. Cool huh?

Anyway, download links for Minecraft for PSP - Lamecraft below:

Uploading.to: http://ul.to/tilpvaa7
Megaupload.com: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ORM8KS5W

You know what this means. I'd get to play Minecraft on my rig and on my PSP. Neat-o. But of course, that's not to say that this is already a complete version. Expect more Lamecraft updates from Drakon.

Thanks to flofrucht and wololo.net for posting about Minecraft for PSP - Lamecraft.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. the game can be very addicting despite the graphics looking like leggo LOL thank for the info

  2. um... i thought this was gonna be like the original minecraft..... plz keep workin on it
    until you get it exactly like minecraft, i dled it and it looks like it needs more work :/
    no zombies, no health, nothing... what are the caves for? if you don't have a pickaxe or nothing to mine from!? and the gold block.... what for? if you break it you don't get gold... you guys need to work on this and a lot :S

  3. i know you can't rush video game creating, but its not fun to build and break stuff and not recieve a block, and its more fun to get blown up by a CREEPER than to build a house on a mini island and then for nothing this is not lego... this is minecraft, where we get hunted by Herobrine, skeletons, zombies, and all that stuff.. not a panzy building block for kids >:(, anyways an A for effort, and a D minus for saying its like minecraft, and an F for putting block sets, we are not NOOBS, we can gather those in a second, im an building mlg and a tnt mlg, also a minning mlg, and when i look at this... im sorry, needs a heck of a lot of more fighting and dungeoning, and minning, and breaking of blocks...

  4. if you want to make it better than minecraft or make it at least enjoyable.... put the nether and the aether, that will make me play it all day, and so does the other people who are waiting for this, and a seed generator also... the one we put numbers in it to generate a seed... not the one that automatically sets us a seed, thats no FUN AT ALL, thats laziness, the up control stick can be the item menu screen, and the analog stick can be the mouse to be moved and the cross to select an item and circle to exit, there three new commands

  5. if you want to win this competition you will have to blow our minds, put crafting, minning, breaking of blocks, and all i said in the game you guys are making.., make notch proud of lamecraft!, also put airplanes and ships, that will blow our minds away!!!

  6. also mo creatures and mo creeps and weirdos, millenaire, and minecolony, this will make a pure win in the competition for sure, and 100% guaranteed kevator slopes, and last but not least toncraft, this will be the most epicest and most awesomest, and the name will change from lamecraft to epiccraft if you do the followings i tell you to do and make

  7. how do i get the download to my psp.do i need to go on the internet on the psp and download from there?

  8. Look guys if you want i can help you with the graphics. My Yahoo id is midnightcrosser@yahoo.com, my friends and me are interested in making this game better and will help if needed.

  9. you should help themor make one exactly like MC so i can get to mine like MC but anyways i hate this lamecraft, its lamer than MC! we are not noobs, at least give us a survival mode! T_T

  10. where the hell is next UPDATE?!?! WHY NO YOU HAZ NO MORE UPDATE I WANT MOAR?!

  11. screw this shit, im off to minecraft, and hope someone else makes an EBOOT FOR the original minecraft, this sucks ass, i prefer to play even more shittier games than this crap, its bull shat and this needs more working

  12. Yes I know it's shit. But I would love to see you guys make it. Well hurry the fuck up make it come on


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