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Good news for Portal and Portal 2 fans and lovers. The official Portal 2 soundtrack has been released for free download at the official Portal 2 site thinkwithportals.com.

The title of the Portal 2 soundtrack if I'm not mistaken is Songs To Test By. It was just upped a couple of hours ago and fans are loving it - partly because it's free and partly because Valve is awesome simply by doing this, not to mention that they were awesome before they even released the Portal 2 Soundtrack.

The songs in Songs To Test By, some say, are similar to the background music while playing the game. Some say it's weird to listen to while half-asleep, while most agree with the tracks just being - and this keyword I emphasize - awesome.

This is the simplest download you'll be able to experience all day. No waiting time, no sign-ups, no registrations, no nothing. Just click and download. It's that simple. It's that because Valve is simply awesome. Continue on below for the official Portal 2 Soundtrack free download links:

Official Portal 2 Soundtrack Free Download

Download Portal 2 Soundtrack - Songs To Test By

And as if that wasn't enough, Valve decided to throw away free Portal 2 ringtones too, both for iPhones and Androids! Check it out.

Official Portal 2 Ringtones Free Download

1. Turret Wife Serenade

2. Science Is Fun

3. The Friendly Faith Plate

4. The Courtesy Call
5. I Saw a Deer Today

6. Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Time

But wait, that's not all. Apparently, this is just the 1st of 3 free volumes that Valve has put up for Portal 2. In short, we'll be given more free goodies in a couple of weeks time. But let me tell you, there's a running joke that Valve is afraid of 3's and that the 3rd volume would never materialize. Either it would or not, what matters right now is Valve's awesomeness.

If you've never played Portal 2 yet or would simply like to support the developers, click HERE.

Best thing I found all day hands down. Thanks to Valve and all that needs thanking for the free Portal 2 Soundtrack and ringtone downloads.

'Till my next installment.

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