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Terraria is a 2D side-scrolling, dungeon-exploring, storyless adventure game dedicated to creating environments, gathering rare equipment, and killing monsters for fun.

Like Minecraft, you also have to dig in Terraria to gather blocks to create and expand your world. The game's concept is simple: Dig, fight, explore and build. That's all there is to it.

Whereas Terraria is similar to Minecraft in world building, it pretty much reminds you of the equipment system in Castlevania. The deeper you go exploring your world, the stronger and weirder the monsters become, and the rarer the items you'll get. There's also this day and night system that produces different and stronger monsters, very reminiscent of the early Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Anyway, you landed at this page looking for Terraria cheats, hacks, and trainer downloads. Read on below:

Terraria Speed Hack, Dupe Hack

1. Download the latest copy of Cheat Engine and an unvalidated copy of Terraria. Install both;

2. Run the unvalidated copy of Terraria while making sure you're not logged in into Steam. Open the Cheat Engine, then select Terraria on the drop-down list. Enable speed hack with a value ranging from 5-10. If correctly performed, you'll dig your way down fast;

3. Having lots of items from digging, now choose an item to duplicate. For example, you have 5 diamonds. Using Cheat Engine, do a scan for the number 5. After scanning for a 5, throw away one diamond from your inventory, that would make the remaining diamonds 4. Scan for the number 4 on the Cheat Engine this time, repeating the scanning and deleting process until there is only one left;

4. Switch back to Cheat Engine and change the item values to an amount not exceeding 1000. You know very well that duplicating items to a million has its own consequences. Save and exit your Terraria adventure after this;

5. Now, open your file in your real and validated copy of Terraria. If done correctly, you should have all the items you have duped in your unvalidated copy.

Terraria Trainer Download

At the time of this posting, this specific trainer is just 3 days old. This trainer is brought to you by Cheathappens.com. The Terraria trainer download page link is located after the instructions:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 WHILE IN THE GAME!
Activating the trainer at the main menu will NOT work.

You might want to wait until you have moved around a little bit to activate the game.

You will hear "Activated" and there will be a pause, which may take several seconds.
Listen for "Activated" again, and the trainer is ready to use.

If the game crashes, likely the activation was attempted to quickly or some other
minor event occurred. Restart the game and try activating the trainer again.

Press desired option key


Numpad 1: Health
Numpad 2: Breath
Numpad 3: Easy Kills
Numpad 4: Items
Numpad 5: Coins
Numpad 6: Hover Mode
Up Key: Move Up
Down Key: Move Down
Right Key: Move Right
Left Key: Move Left
Numpad 7: Super Health


Numpad 1: Health - instantly tries to heal damage.
Numpad 2: Breath - you can breathe underwater indefinitely.
Numpad 3: Easy Kills - most creatures can be killed with one attack.
Numpad 4: Items - items in the quickbar are filled to 99.
Numpad 5: Coins - any coins you have are set to 200.
Numpad 6: Hover Mode - turns on hover mode, allowing you to move with the next keys:

Up Key: While in Hover mode, use this key to move around and through the map items.
Down Key: While in Hover mode, use this key to move around and through the map items.
Right Key: While in Hover mode, use this key to move around and through the map items.
Left Key: While in Hover mode, use this key to move around and through the map items.

Numpad 7:Super Health - this doubles the normal health you have.

Click HERE for the Terraria Trainer Download page

Terraria Inventory Editor / Max Terraria Items NEW!

I recently found out about this Terraria Inventory Editor. It's been out just 10 days ago, so it's still pretty new. Anyway, head on below for the Terraria Inventory Editor instructions:

1. Save your Terraria game first after playing;

2. Open the Terraria Inventory Editor then load your character;

3. Edit your desired changes to your character. If you want maximum items on your character, just hit the Max Item button on the editor. Be careful though: Maxing your items out will definitely result to you being banned from the servers.

Click here for more Terraria item information

4. Click the Floppy Disk button to save your edits.

Anyway, here's the download links for the Terraria Inventory Editor:

Click HERE to download the Terraria Inventory Editor

Mirror 1

Terraria Resolution Launcher Trainer (RomTerraria) NEW!

Michael Russel, a wonderful programmer from Dallas, TX has developed and has recently updated – June 2, 2011 to be exact – his Terraria Resolution Launcher Trainer called the RomTerraria. The program does a lot of things aside from change your resolution from 800x600 to your desire. More than 7,000 people have enjoyed this tool, and it keeps on growing. Anyway, RomTerraria download links below:

Click HERE to download the Terraria Resolution Launcher Trainer RomTerraria
Click HERE for RomTerraria usage FAQs

Anyway, these are the only Terraria cheats, hacks, inventory editors, and trainer downloads I managed to gather currently, considering the game's age. It's quite new, lots of cheats and hacks would come in a week's time.

I'll keep on the lookout for the web and update for new Terraria cheats. That's not to say you can't give me a hand! You could submit your own Terraria cheat discovery here and I'll gladly post it and credit you for it.

Of course, credits to Cheathappens.com, Michael Russel and 1066koi for the Terraria cheats, hacks, inventory editors and trainer downloads.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. There is a cheat called TerrariViewer(TV), which does nearly the same thing as inventory editor, but much more. It allows you to change character name, max health and mana, difficulity, character's body colors. Then it would allow you to choose equipments and accessories IN the equipments(so you get more space in your inventory page) along with what prefix you want. Then you can open inventory: everything in your inventory you click will be maxed out to its possible amount in the game(not 999). But there is a max stack to 999 button which will ban you from most servers but allows you to get lots of items(Weapons and other special things' max stack is always 1, not even if you select the button). And there is a buff page, allowing you to select what buff for your character. You can select multiple same buffs together(which is not banned from most servers). It works extremely well with 8 regeneration buffs, which will totally prevent you from dying. Finally there is the bank page & safe page, you can also store lots of lots of items. If you want it just google TerrariViewer.


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