How to Load Money on Infolinks Debit Card Via Payoneer

I'm assuming you have received your first Infolinks payment and that you already have an Infolinks-Payoneer Visa debit card. I'm also assuming that you've already linked your Infolinks and Payoneer accounts together. If your answer is yes to all of these, head on to the section below:

How to Load Money on Infolinks Debit Card Via Payoneer

1. Your registered email address will receive a message from Payoneer saying Infolinks has sent you payment. Make sure that the message you've received is authentic by comparing it with the image below (some words were omitted for security purposes):

Click on the Continue button on the side of the message or copy the hyperlink and paste it on your address bar. You'll arrive at the Payoneer payments window;

2. At the Payoneer payments window, you can choose between two methods of payment: a)The Standard Payment Method and; the b)Immediate Payment Method. Differences between these two methods are discussed below:

Standard Payment method

In the Standard Payment method, Payoneer will process your account absolutely free of charge. The only downside is that you'll have to wait a maximum of 7 days before you can withdraw your money.

Immediate Payment method

In the Immediate Payment method, Payoneer will process your account and make your money available to you within 2 hours of receipt. They will also deduct a $5.00 processing fee to your account, which is quite a hefty charge since it doesn't justify the ease of simply transferring funds electronically.

Important: There's a seemingly trick tick box sentence in the Payoneer load payment system in which it asks you if you want all your future payments to be under the Immediate Payment method. If you have accidentally ticked on the box unknowingly, $5.00 will be deducted on your account every month excluding the monthly cyber account maintenance of $3.00. Read each sentence carefully and know which box to select, or else be deducted with an obscene $8.00 monthly without even doing anything.

3. After selecting a payment method and clicking on Submit, you will be directed to this window (some words were omitted for security purposes):

This image applies only to those who have selected the Immediate Payment method. The Standard Payment method will present something similar but without the "Fees will be deducted on card load" line.

Congratulations! You now know how to load money on your Infolinks Debit Card Via Payoneer. You can now withdraw money from any ATM in the world that carries the Visa and Visa Plus logos. Corresponding (and obscene) charges apply.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Hmmm, I haven't linked mine yet. Thanks for the info dude

  2. i have to give it to you, this is an awesome blog! It's very informative and straightforward. keep the knowledge coming ... tnx. =)

  3. Hey,

    Great post. I just wanted to note that Standard Loads take up to 2 business days, not 7 days. Also, the "always immediate" check box is not meant to be a trick but a convenience for anyone looking to automate their immediate payments. This option can be removed at any time by contacting our Customer Support department.

    Thanks again for the useful information ;)

    Payoneer Community Manager

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  5. great post , thank you for the informations


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