Dragona PH CBT Officially Launches Tomorrow

The much anticipated Dragona PH CBT will officially launch this coming July 28, 2011—tomorrow to be precise. This comes after much excitement and disappointment among would-be players, excited to roam the realm of Dragona.

Account Registration is now on-going, so what are you waiting for? All accounts registered on our official site will be your permanent account which can be used for Pre-beta and all other phases.

Dragona PH Account Registration Link:

More details of the Dragona PH CBT launch below:

The Dragona PH team will be holding four events at the very start of the closed beta which aims to immediately boost character levels and wealth. To read more of that, click here.

Dragona PH Client Download Mirror Links:



Official Dragona PH Community Forums:

Personally I would like to check this game out because it has a bike mount system. All just for that.

'Till my next installment.

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