How to Buy Facebook Credits With Level Up! Load

It's official, you can now buy Facebook Credits using Level Up! prepaid load cards.

According to the press release issued today at the Level Up! PH website, Level Up! PH has partnered with gaming solutions company Live Gamer to deliver the Facebook Credits purchasing dilemma. You can now buy Facebook Credits anywhere Level Up! prepaid load cards wherever they are sold and spend them across the huge games and application library offering of Facebook.

Level Up! Load to Facebook Credit Conversion Rate

LU Card 50 (50.00 PHP) : 6 FB Credits
LU Card 100 (100.00 PHP) : 13 FB Credits
LU Card 350 (350.00 PHP) : 45 FB Credits
LU Card 500 (500.00 PHP) : 65 FB Credits

How to Buy Facebook Credits Using Level Up! Load

1. Go to your My Account window and click on Buy Facebook Credits;

2. At the Get Facebook Credits window, mark the LU! icon and press the Continue button (Click on image to enlarge);

3. At the next window, enter your Level Up! Prepaid Load card number and its PIN. Refer to the image below (Click on image to enlarge):

4. Congratulations! You have successfully converted your Level Up! Load to Facebook Credits! You can now use these Facebook Credits to purchase premium services or items from various games and applications as Facebook, such as Car Town, Sims Social and CityVille.

Good thing our local publisher partnered with Live Gamer. Now we can buy Facebook Credits without using credit cards or PayPal or through our mobile phones.

Speaking of Level Up! load, a few months ago I was rampantly giving away free Level Up! load at this website for four months. If you want in on this cool event, subscribe to this blog's feeds by putting your email address at the box below. I think I'll be giving away another set soon.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. i bought LU 1000, but it won't accept it. I'm playing Empires and Allies...
    It says cannot find item PPC.


  2. sir i already go to my account and but facebookcredits but i can't find the LU Card payment .. pls reply i don't know what to do i already click all that related to the payment but still can't find it..

  3. i suddenly used my card on my LU and cannot be used for buying fb credits (states that the card is already used)


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