How to Register for Smart Always On Internet

Smart Telecommunications, the number one mobile telco in the Philippines, recently unveiled their Smart Always On internet service. Always On is aimed for light to moderate users of internet, namely the email, social networking, and video streaming users.

The Smart Always On internet service allows you to connect to the internet via 2G, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA. This pre-defined volume-based bandwidth allocation model is starting to be the trend here in the Philippines,  starting from Wi-Tribe to Sky Internet to Smart if my memory serves me correctly.

What's wonderful with this service is the knowledge that you're actually paying for the amount of bandwidth you've consumed, unlike fixed postpaid internet plans which command, at minimum, P995.00 a month regardless of your internet usage.

For as low as the P300.00 250MB plan, you'll be able to do 1,500,000 tweets, 15,000 Facebook posts or 15,000 emails, according to Smart anyway.

Smart Always On Internet Plans

Here's the table of the Smart Always On internet service with their respective volume allocations, prices, validity periods and keywords:

Volume Price Validity Keyword Access Code
25MB P20 1 day ON<space>20 Send to 2200
50MB P30 1 day ON<space>30
250MB P300 30 days ON<space>300
500MB P500 30 days ON<space>500
1GB P750 30 days ON<space>750
2GB P995 30 days ON<space>995

How to Register for Smart Always On Internet

Now you're asking just how the fart are you going to register for Smart Always On. For that, just continue reading on below:

1. Select a corresponding amount on the table above i.e. the plan you wish to use for a period of time. Remember its keyword;

2. Text your selected amount and keyword to 2200 e.g.  text "ON 995" to 2200 for 2GBs worth of internet allocation that is valid for 30 days*;

3. Wait for an SMS confirmation from 2200. You can now use your Smart Always On internet service.**

*You should have at least P1.00 in your phone as maintaining balance
**Your internet service will automatically expire or disconnect once you consume your allocated bandwidth or once the period of time allocated to you ends, whichever comes first
**You will receive another SMS notification once you reach 80% consumption of your allocation

Smart Always On internet is available to Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, Talk N’ Text, and Smart Bro subscribers. Users may purchase multiple packages simultaneously as they see fit.

Registered Smart Bro users can also avail of the packages from Smart Web Connect at

Now that you know how register for Smart Always On internet, why don't you give it a try?

'Till my next installment.

P.S. Being the heavy-data user that I am, I won't trade my current internet plan for Smart Always On. And if you plan on downloading lots of files or watching full movies on the internet, this is not for you.

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