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It's time once again for a discussion on "high-paying" jobs offered on the internet. In this episode we have a work online website called We're going to try and find out in this review if is a scam or legit.

I got into the website and from the looks of it, it has the average spiel of most make money online programs that do not materialize. The pitch of "urgency" in the front page surely would make first timers in the make money online field buy immediately. It also has a golden seal on the lower-left portion of the page which most users will associate with the word "official" or "legitimate" since most trusted sites—like PayPal—carry a similar seal. This is a very typical way of convincing potential customers to trust their brand. (Click image to enlarge)

Now, I signed up for the service using a fake name and email address e.g. John Smith at and what popped out later raised another red flag on my work online scam list—a pay-to-be-paid system. It was asking for a $2.95 membership fee for the first 10 days. And—bear with me here—after 10 days you will be automatically charged an obscene $47.00 per month until you cancel. Just check out the tick box on the image below: (Click image to enlarge)

Now, this is nothing new. This is actually a sly strategy being employed even by the most legitimate of companies. No matter how conspicuous a TOS (Terms of Service) is, even if it's placed right under the sign-up box, no one's going to read it. Let's face it: Nobody reads these things, except people with just enough knowledge to pass by. Ticking that single tick-box right there effectively relieves from all liabilities that could arise from scam complaints of a $47.00 auto-charge in your credit card or on your PayPal account. They'll just slap this on your face and then you'll all be no chase.

Another thing to point out is the claims of some websites that the $47.00 charged on your financial medium is a one-time payment that would make you a permanent member of That is definitely not true, as least at present As you can see, the website itself openly declares that it will charge you that amount every month until you cancel.

Now, I've read other scam reviews and user comments, and based from all those I have read, I can conclude that:

1) effectively became a money-milking machine when it changed its one-time payment scheme of $47.00 from 2009 to a recurring monthly payment of the same amount today. It seems that they want to take advantage of those people careless enough not to read their terms and unsubscribe to their services.

2) will just stonewall you when you file for a refund. Forget their "money back guarantee." They will use delaying tactics and might totally ignore you for that one last cash-in they will get from your financial medium. Worst of all, lots of former members of this site claimed that they didn't get a refund after days of asking, which is very alarming. Some also claimed that their PayPal accounts got deducted for $80.00+ by this website without having any idea of what they were charged for.

3) is just an aggregator of online jobs, jobs that you can readily find in the internet without paying for anything. One such website where you can find work online jobs for free—and may I say where Real Writing Jobs is getting their job listings from—is

Sadly, even after all this, I can't call a total scam even if it feels like a total scam (a 50% scam maybe). I'm no legal expert but in my opinion, their scheme, no matter how sly and dirty, is a legitimate business model aimed at careless people who are quickly attracted to promises of wealth and fortune. They have properly set up disclaimers to protect their interest and like I said above you'll not be able to chase them for your loss even if you wanted to. And even if you can, you stand very little chance because they are located in India.

In fairness to them, they have quite a bundle of freebies to help you earn more once you join in. That said, it doesn't even out the fact that you're paying for crappy and duplicated service that is free elsewhere. Plus, you won't even earn enough here to cover the $47.00 they're charging you every month.

Summing it all up, stay away from or other websites employing this model for that matter. Lots of people have already been tricked by the promises of this Indian website. Nonetheless, it's not your typical scam. Also remember this rule of thumb: YOU SHOULDN'T BE PAYING TO WORK FOR JOBS FOR. JOBS SHOULD BE PAYING YOU.

I hope this scam legit review helped you. Share or like this post to help other online job seekers protect themselves from scams.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. thnks 4 sharing...nw i knw abt it...i ws goin 2 fall in the pit...thnks a lot 4 saving me.....

  2. Thank you for the review, specially since you did go into what their content is all about!!

    At least they point customers to, instead of suggesting them to write ads for Adwords and such.

  3. Further red lights:

    1. They open by thanking me for visiting their website, yet I have no recollection of ever doing so and have not heard of them;

    2. I have a .com Hotmail account rather than, yet they know I am British-based;

    3. Clicking on reply disables my browser although the computer tells me I remain connected to the internet. Trying four web browsers makes no difference, except that in attempting to disconnect and re-connect in an effort to overcome the problem, a box comes up slashing their price to $24 if I take their bait.

    4. The computer was scanned for viruses and showed as clean before use, but after reading their email which links to their site, proves infected.

    5. Where did they find my email address?

    All this, plus the fact that they are so desperate as to slash their rate dramatically, frankly leaves a nasty taste.

    The site which attempts to justify them must be set up by them, as it does not accept blogs and has the same disabling effect on my web browsers.

  4. its i scam.. ive tried it

  5. thanks for the review and comments it would help other people for not believing in this kind of scam. Like what they say odesk is still the most reliable online job haunting site. :)

  6. If there are no funds available in your PayPal account, can they still charge you the monthly fee?

  7. Thanks for this, such a huge amount of information and it really helped :)

  8. RealWritingJobs has been bugging me to sign up for the exclusive access to their bur thank God, I don't have enough funds on my Paypal account and I visited your blog. Thank you!

  9. It felt like a scam, or as you said, a semi-legit business. So I looked it up and found quite a few warnings on the internet. Anyone who signs up or spends money on the internet is foolish to do so without checking it out first. ALWAYS a good idea - nothing is so urgent that you can't check it out first.

    Thanks for the awesome review!

  10. You are so right! Thankfully i didnt join. Though i wish people would think first before rushing. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Try out some free legit businesses. They are there if one does some good research.

  11. Recently did a review for this website. I have to say that everything about it suggests it is an iffy site and that you won't make anywhere near what they promise.

    The sign-up page seems to have changed a bit. They have a $68 one-time pay in to register, but offered a 50% off coupon right away and a 100% 60-day money back guarantee. Not having signed up, I do not know if this is a 'one-time-a-month-pay' or really a 'one-time-pay'.

    The same company seems to run a site where they pay you to translate documents that follows the same spiel and 50% off offer.

    They have a great and well written disclaimer, stating that the income projections are based on "forward-looking statements" that express their "opinions of earning and no ways a guarantee." Of course, how many people will find this and read it, I don't know. Smallish print at the bottom of the screen-- minimal compliance.

    Anyways, there are better free options out there, so look for them, and stub this site. Hopefully it will die a terrible death and cost the created a fair penny.

  12. I tried it.It's really not worth your money and your time.I think I'll just stick to the old routine of seeking employment through proper paper qualifications.Better to be safe than sorry.

  13. I've looked at their website too. It appears to be a one time fee now. I can not find anywhere where it says a monthly fee.

  14. I tried it as well out of curiosity. A one off, slashed enticement followed, then i tried to get a refund under their supposed 100% 60 day money back guarantee. Surprise, surprise, after 4 e-mails to both their on-line customer service support line & a customer service address i found on the website, no reply. The silence was deafening. So take my advice, like those above, stay well away from this scam.

  15. Thanks friends, for helping to find the scam.

  16. Thanks very much nice person. I nearly got into trouble!


  18. Hey a big thank you buddy. I was about to sign up for this website having a credit card in my hand to pay their so-called one time fee but fortunately came across your blog and decided not to go for it. Thank you so much.

  19. Thanks very much buddy. you have just saved me.I too was about signing up with the little i have.Thanks so much.

  20. Hi

    I am from India. It is a shame that this company operates out of India. I also got bombarded last 6 months with attractive offers, but didn't take them

    I will make sure that I report this company to Indian authorities and enable a shut down or cleanup as early as possible..They cannot fool International customers based out of India..I will keep updating on the progress once in a while....Jeetu

    (to the realwriting chase on you starts today....June 15th...2012)

  21. I actually signed up for last year because the writing jobs were really enticing with monthly pays that can reach as much as 50k here in the Philippines. Only to find out that the tools in which I can use to apply for the writing jobs are disabled after I made my payment. Its a TOTAL scam. If it's not, the tools should be working. I am a careful person and I read the $40 plus dollars monthly auto payment after the 10-day fee. But what frustrated me was that I never had the opportunity to work for those so-called high paying writing jobs even for a sec. I got my refund after I persistently tell paypal and clickbank that i didn't get the product after payment. Its NO NO

  22. did you get the refund?..i have sign up for this stupid scam 2 days ago..can't even bid a single jobs, and eveytime you want to bid for a job they request you to update your skill which i had done 100times, but they did not set up other word there is no job for you there, they just trap you to suck all yr money & u can't do anything about it.. i request for a money back from them but they just keep silence..if pay pal & clickbank can help, i will try request through them...

  23. This article review is a big help for those people seeking for a job online

  24. I'm an aspiring freelance writer looking for real work-at-home opportunities and I almost fell into the trap of "Real Writing Jobs." Thanks for this post warning me for what was to come if I gave them my credit card number!


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