Shohoku Patch NBA 2K11 Free Download

Do you love playing basketball on the PC, NBA2K11 perhaps? Same here, but I prefer mine on the PS3. But let me tell you something: Did you know that you can play as Shohoku on NBA2K11 via a single patch? Yes, we're talking about the Shohoku from the anime series Slam Dunk. Get to play as Sakuragi, Miyagi, Mitsui, Akagi and Rukawa by overwriting files on your NBA2K11 folder and voila, Team Shohoku!

Shohoku NBA 2K11 patch, free download links, and instruction video below:

Shohoku NBA 2K11 Patch Preview

How to install Shohoku Patch NBA 2K11

Shohoku Patch NBA 2K11 Download Links

Well, what can you say? Isn't the Shohoku NBA 2K11 patch awesome? I just recently discovered them by the way. If you already have knowledge of this, why don't you share new links and costume patches by hitting the comments box below?

Thanks to for these.

'Till my next installment.

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