Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo [JPN] CWCheat

The game that everyone has been waiting for is finally out! Well, at least the game demo is. The Final Fantasy Type-0 demo is now out for download. It's available at PSN Japan (you need a Japanese PSN account, duh)or over at Square Enix's Type-0 web page.

For those who still don't know, this game used to be called Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Square Enix totally changed the title because they want Final Fantasy Type-0 to continue on as a series. So as early as know we can expect a Final Fantasy Type-0 II on the PS Vita.

And as I always say, with smash games also comes smash cheats (smash hits, smash heats?) Head on below and enjoy the Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo [JPN] CWCheat:

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo [JPN] CWCheat 1 image

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo [JPN] CWCheat 2 image
Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo [JPN] CWCheat 3 image

_S NPJH-90209
_G Final Fantasy Type-0 JPN [DEMO]
_C0 EXP [LVL 9]
_L 0x203D834C 0x00002710
_C0 GIL [999999]
_L 0x203D159C 0x0001869F
_C0 MP [500]
_L 0x20FAB764 0x000001F4
_C0 HP [500]
_L 0x20FAB758 0x000001F4
_C1 baldassano
_C0 [Press L] DASH
_L 0x10083EB8 0x00003F80
_L 0xD0000000 0x10000100
_L 0x10083EB8 0x00004000
_C0 Lower Angle
_L 0x20149F24 0x10000005
_L 0x20149F50 0x10000005
_L 0x2014A188 0x10000020
_C0 HP Don't Decrease
_L 0x20000E00 0x0237082A
_L 0x20000E04 0x54200001
_L 0x20000E08 0xAE2207A8
_L 0x20000E0C 0x0A22A1A7
_L 0x200A864C 0x0A200380
_L 0x200A8650 0x00000000

Credits to Omarrrio for writing these Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo [JPN] CWCheats. Hey, even if it is a demo, it's one of the last epic demos the PSP is going to have near the end of its run. And I mean we're just talking months here. Then again, the PSP had a good run.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. More Codes! Credits go to uria999

    _C0 MP NOT DEC
    _L 0x20000E20 0x0211082B
    _L 0x20000E24 0x50200001
    _L 0x20000E28 0xAE0207B4
    _L 0x20000E2C 0x0A229BE0
    _L 0x200A6F30 0x0A200388
    _L 0x200A6F34 0x00000000
    _C0 === AP Codes ===
    _L 0x200CF764 0x341003E7
    _C0 Ace AP 999
    _L 0x203D6CC8 0x000003E7
    _C0 Sice AP 999
    _L 0x203D7574 0x000003E7
    _C0 Nine AP999
    _L 0x203D7AA8 0x000003E7
    _C0 Queen AP 999
    _L 0x203D7E20 0x000003E7
    _C0 King AP 999
    _L 0x203D7FDC 0x000003E7
    _C0 Machina AP 999
    _L 0x203D8198 0x000003E7
    _C0 Rem AP 999
    _L 0x203D8354 0x000003E7
    _C0 Free Command Ability
    _L 0x200A6D74 0x34040064
    _L 0x200B1248 0x34100064
    _C0 PC translucency 0
    _L 0x2008B338 0x10000023

  2. how can you disable the EXP [LVL 9]...i can't level up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my exp is not increasing...can you fix this ASAP?!


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