International Dota 2 Championships Schedules, Standings, Live Stream

With the launching of Dota 2, Valve has gathered the most elite Dota teams around the world and have pitted them against each other in the first ever all-out International Dota 2 Championships at Cologne, Germany.

The Philippines' own team Mineski Infinity is participating and is one of the first eight teams in the world to play Dota 2 while trying to become the first Dota 2 world champions. Needless to say, Mineski Infinity might be the best in the whole Philippine nation, but like I said, Valve has gathered the most elite Dota teams around the world. Each team must seriously wear their game face on throughout the whole tournament.

Proceed below to see the International Dota 2 Championship match schedules, team standings and scores, and the live video streaming online hyperlink.

International Dota 2 Championships Schedules - August 17, 2011 Match Card

International Dota 2 Championships Scores and Team Standings

The sixteen teams are split up into four groups of four, and each team plays one game against everyone in their group. The results of the group stage will populate the winners and losers bracket. The two teams in each group with the best won/loss record in the group stage advance to the winners bracket. The two teams with the worst won/loss record in the group stage are placed in the losers bracket. Ties at the conclusion of the group stage will be broken by total match time for their wins (lower is better).

International Dota 2 Championships Online Live Stream

Click the following link to watch the International Dota 2 Championships live stream online:

Watch International Dota 2 Championships Live Stream Online

This page would continually be updated as more International Dota 2 Championships schedules and team standings information come through. All game times are CET (GMT+2), Philippine Time 4:00 PM.

We wish Mineski Infinity good luck. May the best Dota 2 team win.

'Till my next installment.


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