iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 Release Date

Lots of talk are being made with the coming of the new iPhones 4S and 5. Whatever is coming out is a couple of weeks away and still think of the buzz these phones are generating. What we can't argue about is Apple's well done job on leaving people in the dark.

iPhone 4S

There are leaks i.e. "100% reliable sources" about the iPhone 4S going on sale as early as October 21. These same sources are also saying that the iPhone 4S would be almost the same as the iPhone 4 but will sport an 8MP camera with 1080p resolution, an A5 dual core processor, and an antenna. One can even go as far as saying that the iPhone 4S is akin to the 3G and the 3GS in terms of improvement.

Design-wise, it looks like there would be no huge change to the iPhone 4S as there have been leaks of iPhone 4S complement items from well-known companies that prove the iPhone 4S will sport the same physical design as the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 allegedly wouldn't launch this October due to the "delayed bubble" defect in its touch panel. Wintek, one of the manufacturers of the said touch panels and also of the iPhone 4's, detected the defects only at the end of the manufacturing process since they're very hard to spot in the laminating process. It's expected that this issue would be resolved in a short while though. That said, this means a shortage in iPhone 5s, and nobody wants that.

iPhone 5 Case Design Leaks

There's also this rumor on the iPhone 5 having a messaging service similar to RIM's BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Allegedly, RIM would receive a substantial amount of money in exchange for their services if this messaging service, identified only as iMessage, would go through.

While Apple initially might have wanted to launch both phones simultaneously, manufacturing issues might have pushed the iPhone 5 to early 2012. So this is me basically saying that if I were you, I'll wait until next year to be able to buy the iPhone 5, especially because everyone would be draining their pockets this coming yuletide season. But to hell with that, looks like I'll be buying an iPhone 4 soon.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. So you think iPhone 5 will be released just a week after the release of the iPhone 4S? I don't get the point of releasing the 4S if the iPhone 5 will be released just in the same month or period.

  2. The author of this mockup also predicts a design change that would likely make the lives of many iPhone users in cosmopolitan areas much easier: place the WiFi antenna at the back. This would allow the whole surrounding board, which is currently comprised of a WiFi antenna and a GSM/CDMA one, to be used solely for the latter. That way, the device will get proper reception no matter how its held by the user.

  3. There have been a few rumors lately that Apple will not be releasing a new iPhone model this year but will instead only put out a spec-bumped iPhone 4, dubbed the iPhone 4S like the iPhone 3GS that followed the iPhone 3G. While I don’t believe this (I find it mind-explodingly impossible that

  4. Apple is reportedly holding a media event next Tuesday, October 4th to introduce the new iPhone, and an October 14th launch for the device would be in line with Apple's usual interval between announcement and availability and would line up most closely with previous rumors of a mid-October launch.


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