UAE Central Bank Warning Email Scam

There's been a sharp decline in email scams this past few weeks, particularly because there have been lots of crackdowns of botnets in areas around the globe. That's not stopping the "UAE Central" from sending you warnings of an "email scam" though.

The UAE Central Bank email scam looks nowhere convincing, but these guys are learning. First off, they're using a convincing sender address, in this particular case a '' address. They've also thrown in transaction IDs, of course for a more authentic feel.

Needless to say, as I've said time and time again over lots of posts tackling the same subject: Do not download the attachment that's included in the email. You'll just get your computer infected with malware.

Anyway, there's lots of telltale signs of a message being a email scam laced with malware: 1) The message itself doesn't identify your name; 2) the message makes you scratch your head because you don't live in the area the message is addressing or you haven't had any transaction with the sender of the email ever and; 3) the message lands in your spam folder.

Just another public service message for the UAE Central Bank Warning Email Scam.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Oh my, I can relate. I also received scams like that

  2. Report and search for reported scams on Please consider linking to AllScamsForum.Com


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