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A couple of days ago, searches for Pokemon Deluge topped online hits. Of course my I looked for it too as I'm curious with everything Pokemon.

So what is Pokemon Deluge? Basically it's a turn-based online Pokemon RPG. Wait, what? An online Pokemon game? Why, yes. It turns out that Nintendo can't lay its hands on everything at the same time, so this game survived its wrath i.e. Nintendo's orders to remove Pokemon World Online, a previous Pokemon online RPG.

Anyway, Pokemon Deluge has lots of features, including a Pokemart and a Pokemon raffle. I won a Lv82 Shaymin and a Lv67 Steelix. Compare that to the Lv15 Sinvy I selected as a starter. BTW, you can also battle against other people, and you can receive offers for your Pokemon as well.

Pokemon Deluge is currently up to date with all Pokemon releases (up to Generation V), and is teeming with would-be Pokemon masters (2,000+ users).

Pokemon Deluge Pictures (Click images to enlarge)

The nasty things about Pokemon Deluge:
  • No sounds at all
  • Every Pokemon attack on a Pokemon batle makes your browser screen refresh (reloads whole screen, including the Flash-based ads, which adds to the lag)
  • Terrible map movement feature
  • Limited maps
  • Minimal NPC interaction
  • Character sprite doesn't walk, instead floats to selected destination

The nicer things about Pokemon Deluge:
  • Top trainers feature
  • Ability to fight all gym leaders from all Pokemon regions, including Unova and the Orange League
  • Live Pokemart
  • Live trainer battle against other online players

So if you're still curious, go ahead and try it yourself. It only takes a jiffy to register for an account. At least now you know what Pokemon Deluge is all about. Personally, this online Pokemon RPG has lots of potential if the creators are going to improve it, and I mean improve it a lot.

'Till my next installment.

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  2. Pokemon Deluge is a cool game :)

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