Canon's All-In-One PIXMA Printer Series: Eco, Budget, and User-Friendly

Last Tuesday Canon Philippines unveiled at SM North EDSA their newest print lineup, together with the Canon PIXMA ambassadors, the All-In-One PIXMA Printer Series. This particular series is composed of 5 state-of-the-art printers: The MP287, the iP4970, the MG5370, the MG8270 and the single printer which carries the PIXMA name, the PIXMA E500.

The All-In-One PIXMA Printer Series (AIO) is based upon the idea of having an economical, eco-friendly, feature-filled and easy-to-use printer packed tighly together in a single, sleek and wonderful-looking machine that is guaranteed to produce awe-inspiring images every single time. And each printer in this series does that job perfectly.

The AIO PIXMA Printer Series also integrates the latest tech innovations to its system and performs with them wonderfully.  Need to print a memorable photo from your iPhone's album? Check. Want to get an image on paper from Picasa? Easy. The AIO MG5370 and MG8270 will do that for you, all in a few clicks of a button. The MP287 and the iP4970 on the other hand, can print screens of your movie in HD and auto-correct your pictures.

These AIO printers has even more additional features: The Fun Filter and the ECO Monitor. What the Fun Filter does is give you the ability to enhance your images before being printed. There are options such as blurring your image's background (perfect for one person photos), stylizing with a fish-eye effect, and even make basic pictures look like they've been shot with a toy camera.

The ECO Monitor meanwhile are perfect for the environmentally-conscious guys and gals of our time. It's essentially a monitor which tells you how much paper you have saved (with the use of the Auto Duplex Print feature of the AIO Printer series) and how much CO2 your printer has reduced. Canon's AIO PIXMA Printer Series couldn't have arrived in a better timing since climate change and environmental destruction are very hot global topics.

The All-In-One PIXMA Printers

PIXMA MP287 (P3,495.00)

The most basic and the cheapest of all the AIO PIXMA Printers. It can print 4.8 images per minute and has a resolution of 4800dpi. It gets the job done.

PIXMA iP4970 (P 6,495.00)

This is one mean looking machine that just might transform into a robot or something. It has—get this—5 individual ink tanks, can spit out a 4x6 photo in 20 seconds, and has a 9600dpi. Plus, it can print on both sides of a paper in one go.

PIXMA MG5370 (P 8,495.00)

That iPod-ish thing you see over there is a 3.0" TFT screen that indicates and controls your picture, what enhancements you want to do with it, and displays the ECO Monitor while you're printing.

The MG5370 also comes equipped with Wi-Fi (for wireless printing action i.e. iOS/Android printing), an optional buetooth, and can do direct disc printing. Only thing missing on this printer is a sound system.

PIXMA MG8270 (P19,295.00)

First thing you'll notice about the MG8270 is its hefty price tag. What's up with that you say? Well we hear you loud and clear. But the price is well substantiated, considering this is the swansong of Canon's AIO PIXMA Printer Series.

Imagine the power of the MG5370, but 3x better. It also has a wider 3.5" TFT screen and has a 35mm film scanning feature that would surely impress anyone.

PIXMA E500 (P 4,495.00)

Last but not the least, the AIO PIXMA Printer's workhorse, the E500. Dubbed the "Ink Efficient", the E500 can print up to 1,200 pages worth of paper per cartridge set before needing replacement. A bang for the buck as they say.

The only downsides of the E500 is its lower print resolution and its lower print speed. Aside from that, this printer is a must for the print-crazy. All that and more without losing the high quality Canon is renowned for.

Canon PIXMA Printers Trivia

Did you know that:
  • Canon PIXMA printouts can last up to 300 years?
  • The term "PIXMA" was derived from the words pixel and maximum?
  • Canon PIXMA printers have appeared in A-list movies such as Batman Begins and Transformers 3?

Canon AIO PIXMA Printer Free Rudy Project Sprint Set Promo

Canon Philippines by the way is currently holding a promo that would run until the end of this year. For every purchase of an AIO PIXMA printer together with its corresponding ink cartridge or four genuine Canon ink cartridges or a PIXMA E500, you will get a free Rudy Project Sprint (sports watch, arm-band) set worth P 4,300.00.

You can claim your free Rudy Project Sprint set by submitting a photocopy of the sales invoice of the printer and ink, with the genuine ink box bearing Canon Marketing Philippines’ clear-to-cyan sticker or the serial number cut-out from the printer box, to Canon’s head office or any authorized promoter, regional office, or service center within the promo period.

Canon will ship the Rudy Project sprint set to the buyer’s address free-of-charge.

So there you have it. The Canon All-In-One PIXMA Printer Series, brought to you by Canon Philippines, Nuffnang PH, and yours truly. Also check the photos below, including the works of Canon PIXMA ambassadors Per-Andre Hoffman and the overall event area.

For more information about Canon products and the mentioned promo, log on to or call 884-9090.

'Till my next installment.

[Thanks to Canon PH and Nuffnang PH]

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