Fake Facebook Game Cheat Websites Scam

Have you ever encountered a website that contained promises to give you lots of Cityville cash or Simoleons or Facebook gold or something just by copy pasting comments onto other people's Facebook walls and related websites? Well, you've been scammed. There's no such thing and it's bullcrap. In this post I'm going to expose these fakers for the fraud that they are and show to you that you've just been wasting your time following their deeds.

The Fake Facebook Game Cheat Websites M.O. (Modus Operandi)

You will chance upon a website promising you a huge amount of something in exchange of your likes and you sharing the fake cheat website to other people. Usually these blogs are called "spam blogs", they contribute nothing and instead waste precious bandwidth and internet space.

These websites will ask you to like them, share them, and post comments about them linking to their website in related game pages.

It then would ask you if you have completed the steps. You, knowing nothing about basic HTML structure, would just take the face value of the words "NOT COMPLETE" on their website, meaning you might've missed a step. After all, you're after the precious stuff the website is giving away right? Of course, there's a loading bar there, this "Facebook Spider 3.0" as these scammers would like to call it. Heck, the Facebook Spider 3.0 is nothing more than a bluff of text. There's nothing to it.

Then you'll contact them because apparently the website's "miracle cheat" is not working. Instead they'll tell you to wait for 24 hours for the cheat to take effect. I promise you even if you wait for an eternity nothing will come on your Facebook game account.

The Fake Facebook Game Cheat Websites Exposed

Now I got here a blogsite called simenergy.blogspot.com which promises you 4,500 Sims Social energy. Well, that's a huge amount ain't it? Surely Sims Social players would love to have that. Check it out for yourself, then go back here. I grabbed a screen of their website, and marked it into sections A to G. Now let's pull out the covers on this scam.

(A) Why do you need to post this 10 times on different pages? Simple: For more people to fall for this scam. You see how many shares this blog has obtained? 9399. And it will continue to increase if people would continue falling for it;

(B) Notice how you need to post their comment first proclaiming you got 4,500 somethings, implying their website worked when in fact you haven't got anything yet;

(C) What STATUS: NOT COMPLETE is this blog talking about? According to their HTML structure (click image to enlarge):

I don't see any script there that would flag any complete or not complete action. It's just lots of tags with words on it. In fact, if I copied and pasted the code here, I would come up with:


Surprising isn't it?;

(D)In fact, while I'm hot on a roll here, let's see that Facebook Spider 3.0 this blog is talking about. Here's the structure for that (click image to enlarge):

Which again, if copied, would result into:

Scanning With: FacebookSpider TM 3.0

See, the .gif image right there is just there to trick you as if the blog is actually loading or scanning for something when it fact it is not. It's simply just an image, and even if you look at the HTML code above yourself, you'll find nothing really special but tags upon tags upon tags of nothing extraordinary. The address of the image is http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-hajr_3V99eQ/TpBgIBoIpZI/AAAAAAAAATM/FY5Q0PWt5mk/s1600/ajax-loader+%25282%2529.gif. Just copy and paste that to your address bar and you'll see the same .gif image above loading for eternity.

If only there were some javascript or iframe lines in there, I can't disassemble that, really, and it might hint to something legit. But these fakers are just beautifying copying and pasting;

(E) Like I said, there's no use in waiting for 24 hours, or even 300 years. Your 4,500 Sims Social Energy will never come. They're just using a little bit of psychology on you, scares you to undo nothing because something will apparently happen when in fact there would be none;

(F) If you've completed the steps and you clicked on that red text right there, it will sadly, bring you to this page:

Sadly (again), it contains that Facebook Spider thing image all over again to try to convince you that their operation is legit. You know what, don't do any of the steps. Just click on that red text at (F) immediately. You'll see that you would be instantly redirected to the same image above, without doing any of the steps mentioned. KABLAM! SCAM!;

(G) Look at that address. You've not even done anything yet it's already redirecting at the (F) "Not Complete" page. The blog given in the example just totally wasted your time.

FYI, there are a plethora of blogs out there abusing the .blogspot.com domain using this modus operandi/same format to infect Facebook users with chat malware and force you to fill up junk surveys that would cost you time and patience and would earn the scammers money. If you encounter another website offering you the same incredible amount by sharing them on Facebook (maybe Google+ is next), just ignore them. Better yet, report them to Google's Report Spam Blog page. Let's get rid of all these Facebook scam blogs to make the internet a better place.

Anyway, I've been wanting to write about this for the longest time but time is a luxury that unfortunately I don't have much of. Now, please share this post on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, or plus it on Google+ to inform other users of this scam.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. I bet the last step was to complete a survey or offer, right? It's a cost per action offer and if ever you completed one, you've not only wasted your precious time and effort, you've also earned money for the scammer.

    This is one really annoying way for some douche bags to make money online. Whenever I encounter one, I'd report hem to their affiliate network to make sure their accounts get banned for good.

  2. I agree with you Jaja. "you've not only wasted your precious time and effort, you've also earned money for the scammer." but it is not the scammer will earned money but the SEO's and the website owner.

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