How to Fix iPhone 4S iOS 5 Battery Life Problems

Update: Looks like Apple has finally released a fix for their battery life bug in the form of the iOS 5.0.1. Check it at this page courtesy of Download iOS 5.0.1. ASAP.

Lots of new iPhone 4S owners are complaining about the terrible battery life their new smartphone has. Some have even complained that they're losing 10% of their iPhone 4S battery life every hour even without using it, which means in 10 hours of stand-by the phone is dead.

While the culprit for this iPhone 4S battery life problem is still not accurately identified, people are putting the blame on the iOS 5 constantly trying to pinpoint the iPhone 4S's location through the "Setting Time Zone" option without no apparent reason.

So basically the question is just how to fix the iPhone 4S's very short battery life? Well, we can't offer you a solid solution, we can only offer you solid, tried and tested advices.

how to fix iphone 4s short battery life problem

How to Fix iPhone 4S iOS 5 Battery Life Problems

Disable what isn't needed at the moment. Enjoy toying with Siri? Chances are your iPhone isn't. Siri might be a great companion if you have no one to talk to, but it hurts your battery life. Turn off Siri's Raise to Speak for a while.

Disable Push and Notification features. Location Services and Ping are the primary culprits of users with the iPhone 4S's disastrous rapid battery decline. Just go to the Settings tab and slide everything you think would connect to the internet for updates to off.

Delete battery killers. Apps that run in the background such as Skype and Pandora drain battery levels fast. If you use these things rarely yet somehow you allow them to run in the background, just remove them. I do expect that you know how to delete apps.

Disable sounds when not needed. And when I say sounds I mean all the sounds in your iPhone. Slide clicks, keyboard clicks, calendar alerts, message alerts etc. And you can use headphones instead. I play for a couple of hours with headphones on. You can also just flick the switch on the top left side of your phone to enter it on silent mode.

Minimize screen brightness and usage. Don't put your screen brightness to the maximum. My ideal screen brightness is 50%, it being the middle of the brightness bar. This helps at night especially when you're in bed and still using your phone. Too bright a screen would hurt your eyes and disrupt your sleeping pattern. Also set the auto-lock to 1 minute. Frankly, does anyone really need their screen to idle glow for 5 minutes?

Restart your phone. Operating systems are fallible, i.e. not error-free. Sometimes they crash, sometimes they freeze, sometimes they leave programs running even though the display shows otherwise. So a simple restart should give that phone of yours the jolt it needs.

Completely recharge. Sometimes the iOS misreads battery levels. Once a month, totally drain your iPhone battery. A very easy way to do this is to play a game with top volume. Make sure your phone dies off on its own. Then charge it again. That should be good.

Exchange for a new one. If your iPhone 4S is showing less than stellar battery performance even though it's just 3 days old, go to an Apple store and have it replaced. Apple's manufacturing line isn't perfect. There are bound to be defective items, especially that these things are mass-produced in China (thanks Steve!). Be warned though, not all iPhone 4S's brought to an Apple Store are up for an exchange. Sometimes they'll just figure out a fix charge-free and return your phone to you.

But like I said, there's no solid fix for the iPhone 4S's battery life issue yet. Last time I heard Apple engineers are contacting people who've experienced rapid battery decline and are diagnosing their phones for a common problem. I do hope this iPhone battery life problem can be fixed with a permanent fix, be it a patch or a recall.

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  1. I don't have an iPhone but I'm doing some of those tips on my Samsung Jet.Most of the time my phone's baterry lasts for two days

  2. it is really great sharing.
    i was searching this topic for my iphon prob.
    but now it is fixed.
    thanks friend.


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