Just saw this cute cat clip via Boingboing today: It's a scared cat meowing what sounds to be like "NONONONONONO!" due to stress or something. I laughed so hard the whole time I was watching this animal vid and I watched it like 5 times before deciding to call stop.

NONONONO Cat on the YouTube clip below:

I hope you found it funny too. How many cats on Earth can say "NONONONONO!" anyway? Not that many that's for sure. Let's see if NONONONO Cat will make it on the Caturday round up.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. hmmmm mahirap makahanap nyan pero yung mga pusa dito sa amin parang mga baby na umiiyak..lalo na pag yung naglalove making ang mga ito sa bubungan...



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