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Have you ever been in a situation where a drop dead gorgeous woman comes up to you to have a chat and you were like "HUBBARA HUBBARA HUBBARA HUBBARA WWWWHAAAT?" Well, you're suffering from "Caligynephobia" or fear of beautiful women so to speak. Don't worry, you're not alone. You got 99% of the human male population suffering with you.

After this shameful moment of course, you'll be all like "I wish I was man enough to talk to that girl and ask her out. I hope I have someone as fine as her in my life." Imagine all the what-if's you'd be asking yourself day by day by day regarding that event, that's lots of mental torture right there.

Now, a couple of guys over at AttraXion Arts, the Philippines’ premier dating, lifestyle coaching and seduction arts company, wants to help you change the fearful you into a hip and spiffy new you, the kind that doesn't fear ladies rather the one that tames them like the angels that they are. How exactly? Well, read their press release below:

Filipino Pick Up Artists Divulge Arsenal of Dating Techniques in Annual Summit

AttraXion Arts, the Philippines’ premier dating, lifestyle coaching and seduction arts company, will be holding its annual dating summit and seminar on October 22-23, 2011, from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm. This event, titled “Beyond Seduction - The NeXt Level of Game”, will enlighten participants in advances in the art and science of attracting, meeting and dating women that they desire.

As the region’s Mastermind Seduction Community of Pick-Up Artists, AttraXion Arts (or X Arts for short) will be showcasing its insights on what women really want. According to Ryan “Ryu” Uy, X Arts Founder and Lead Lifestyle and Dating Coach, the traditional dinner-and-movie dates of the past, as well as exhaustive efforts to impress women, are not only the least effective ways of getting women attracted to the men, but also form a weak foundation for meaningful romantic relationships.

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“The usual way of ‘playing the game’ is trying to impress the woman enough so that she would be attracted to you,” Ryu said. “That could include being good-looking, showing off wealth or fame, or buying her things. While those sometimes work, it is generally time- and resource-consuming, and usually conjures a ‘fake and boring’ you for her. We are here to train men in complete, authentic, and field-tested methods, which are not only more effective, but also less difficult to do,” he added.

This year’s Summit aims to empower men to interact better with women on all levels and gain complete control over their dating lives. This will also deliver an insight that the skills for seducing women can also be directly applied to most other relationships in life. Enhancing seduction skills will yield positive relationships with bosses, clients, customers, colleagues, even friends and family.

“It’s not just about creating fresher, better relationships, but more about enhancing current ones. The theories become less about picking up women and more about picking up life,” added Ryu.

This annual event features segments from several guest lecturers, including Female Date Coach/Model/Actress /Ms. Resorts World 2010 1st Runner-Up Maxine Mamba; and X Arts’ Instructor Emeritus and Mentalist Nomer “The MindMaster” Lasala.

When asked about how the Dating Summit benefits both men and women, Nomer stated: “We don’t change men. We simply look for his ‘X-factor’, or his strength, and then we develop it so he will be more confident, interesting and attractive. As for the women, we’re saving them from having to hang out with boring guys!”

So I guess now you're interested. Here're the event details:

“Beyond Seduction – The NeXt Level of Game”

Date and Time:
October 22, 2011
9:30 am to 7:00 pm

October 23, 2011
11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Rotary Center, Don Alejandro Roces Ave. corner Mother Ignacia Ave., Quezon City

Ryu Uy, Lead Lifestyle and Date Coach, and founder of X Arts (;
Nomer “MindMaster” Lasala, X Arts Instructor Emeritus and Mentalist (;
Maxine Mamba, Female Date Coach, Model and Actress (

How to Register:
Visit and click “The Summit: Beyond Seduction – The NeXt Level of Game” under the “Events and Seminars Page” for more information on how to register for the dating summit.

So I guess you should grab a seat and brace yourself for the influx of dating knowledge that's about to come to you.

'Till my next installment.

[Press release courtesy of Ryu Uy / Photo by]

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