How to Change Eye Color Permanently

Asians, Latinos and Africans, predominantly being brown-eyed people, are easily dazzled by people with blue eyes, or any other eye color for that matter.

Now, a doctor in the name of Gregg Homer from the United States of America seems to have discovered the secret of how to change a person's eye color permanently. He does it by burning dark pigments in one's eyes via a laser. But there's a catch: You must be brown-eyed for it to work.

This guy has been doing test runs in Mexico, and it's so far so good. There are reportedly no damages or any other serious side effect with the procedure. The process itself lasts only for 20 seconds. Still, other doctors are insisting people that would go through this procedure when it becomes perfected might suffer glare or double vision.

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The photo above is an eye that has undergone Dr. Gregg Homer's eye procedure. As you can see there is still some remaining brown pigment in the eye to be burned by a laser. What remains after it gets burned is a blue-colored eye. The complete transformation from brown to blue is said to take a few weeks. 

The operation would cost £3,000 when approved.

So if you want to change your eye color permanently, this operation's for you.

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  1. I wish my eye color is orange but I don't wanna play or experiment with my eye.

  2. Aside from the amazing technological advancement, I do think that having the option to now change almost anything about your appearance a bit scary. Some things are much better left as is. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke...

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