The Resurrection of the Dead Quest Coordinates Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok PH released a series of events called the Novemberrific Event, part of which is an in-game quest called The Resurrection of the Dead. The mechanics are simple: Talk to "dead" people—some of them would ask items—and they'll give you the quest item "Halloween Fragment." Thing is, the Ragnarok PH website didn't mention the exact coordinates of each NPC, so doing the quest is a very challenging task. What's more is, you need to talk to at least 20 (there are 24 NPCs available to talk to, each would give you a Halloween fragment) to get the "Witch's Pumpkin Hat" Halloween promo item.

Being the gamer that I am, I accepted the challenge. It took me 3 hours to finish the whole quest. I listed all the coordinates of the NPCs involved in The Resurrection of the Dead Quest so that other people can do the quest easy. I did try googling for it earlier unfortunately I can't find any comprehensive quest list so I thought I'd make and share my own. I'd do the quest asap if I were you. It's going to be removed soon. Check it out.

The Resurrection of the Dead Quest Coordinates Ragnarok Online

Prontera Castle 123 168

Sai Mama
Prontera 265 345

Zhou You
Alberta 101 188
Req. item: Fright Paper Blade 1ea (The Paper)

Turtle Island Just keep walking forward

Van Cogh
Byalan Island 87 51
Req. item: Bullet 1ea (Gunslinger ammo)

Izlude Airship 225 65
Req. item: Rusty Screw 2ea

Rachel 62 136

Juno 127 178

Airplane Route Juno Hugel Einbroch 214 41

Jamie Dean
Hugel Central 103 159

Inside Airship Dock 67 251 (Right after exiting the airship going down the stairs)
Req. item: Oiled Paper (You can get this later at Gonryun by killing Rice Cake Boy spawns)

Morroc 142 253
Req. item: Green Herb 5ea

Morroc Ruins 56 146
Req. item: Used Iron Plate 3ea

Beacon Island 106 132 (Morroc talkt to Kafra warp to Paros Lighthouse)
Req. item: Any kind of juice

Oscar Mild
Lutie 99 270

Chung Myo
Payon 224 48

Moscovia 263 155

Dewata 273 124

Ayothaya 219 125

Xiang You
Louyang 295 53

Amatsu 124 100

Veins 196 146

Brasilis 300 121

Gonryun 188 82

Quest Rewards: Free Ticket for Flyship, Warp Free Ticket, Cargo Free Ticket, Speed Potion (3), Awakening Potion (9), Vivid Notation (6), White Slim Potion (20), Royal Jelly (5), Piece of Cake (2), Sunflower [1], Cracked Diamond, Bullet (100), Unknown Item (5)

You only need to talk to 20 of these 24 available NPCs. If you'd rather not hunt or give them items then avoid the 4 NPCs that would ask for items.

And of course, I got what I came for-The Witch's Pumpkin Hat.

The Resurrection of the Dead Quest Coordinates Ragnarok Online

The Resurrection of the Dead Quest is a pretty worthwhile quest if you ask me. I got to meet a couple of real people while doing the quest. In Ragnarok's bot-infested community, it makes you happy to learn that real people still play the game. Brings back the old days.

'Till my next installment.

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