TIMBRE Headphones: The First Philippine-based Headphones Brand

As our country moves towards self-identification, entrepreneurs and manufacturers have begun making products we Filipinos can align ourselves with: Filipino apparel, music, and art to name a few. Unfortunately there's not much we can identify with in the field of pop tech, specifically the audio division. That's all about the change with the introduction of TIMBRE Headphones. Sounds great right? But just what is it?

TIMBRE (pronounced "TAM-BER") Headphones is the first Philippine-based headphones brand that will inevitably contend with dominant audio brands international companies has to offer here in the Philippines.

Speaking of TIMBRE Headphones, TIMBRE is launching their very first pair of Filipino headphones, the TIMBRE GITARA.*

But why GITARA? For starters, it's common to see groups of young Filipino teens striking their guitars out on the streets, singing songs to the tune of Parokya ni Edgar and Rivermaya. It's a great bonding experience, and is very Filipino. In this respect, the TIMBRE GITARA pays tribute to the Filipino's affinity to acoustic guitars.

The TIMBRE GITARA comes in two four-toned color combos: a gold/grey/charcoal black on white and a gold/tan/brick red on black.

TIMBRE GITARA White (Click to enlarge)

TIMBRE GITARA Black (Click to enlarge)

TIMBRE Headphones achieved this design in collaboration with TEAM MANILA, that humble local store of ours filled with everything Filipino—from shirts to bags to whatever. You name it, they have it. Anyway, they call the artwork on the GITARA "visual audio."

It sure looks pretty and the name sounds catchy and all, but how does it fare? Catch the TIMBRE GITARA specs below.

TIMBRE GITARA Technical Specifications

Loudhailer: 40 mm (Diameter)
Frequency Range: 20-20,000 MHz
Sensitivity: 110 dB
Impedance: 32 Ohm S.P.L. (at 1 KHz)
Maximum Power Input: 100 mW
Plug (mm): 3.5 mm stereo
Cable Length: ~ 1.5 ml
Accessory: Volume Control

Though we know nothing about its performance at this point in time, it's definitely still a contender. Do expect it to perform as advertised, to let you hear those tiny details in your favorite songs you've never heard before—timbre, the color of music.

The TIMBRE GITARA is tentatively priced at P2,499.00 and will land on the following retail stores this December:

So if you're looking to identify with the Filipino culture while donning a pair of gorgeous and impressive headphones at par with today's standards, the TIMBRE GITARA is for you. Look forward to it, spread the word, share or like this post on Facebook or tweet it at Twitter.

Speaking of social networks, check TIMBRE's official channels out at the links below:

Website: www.timbreheadphones.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Timbre-Headphones
Twitter Page: @TimbreHeadphone
Blog: www.timbreheadphones.tumblr.com

'Till my next installment.

[Photos by TIMBRE Headphones]

*Design, price and specifications may vary with the final product

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  1. I like the design. Its so modern, sophisticated and very Filipino. But unfortunately, its very expensive which is the biggest turn off. Regular head phones can be bought at 200Php in CDRking and good looking headphones can be bought at 400 to 600 Php. I hope that they make this headphone much cheaper prize.

  2. 2.5k is far from being "very expensive." In fact 2.5k is just the price for a decent pair of entry-level headphones like the Koss PortaPro. CD-R King is not a basis for comparison since the earphones there are, frankly, generic garbage. If you find these HP's expensive, you'll probably faint once you know the price of "real" headphones like the Sennheiser HD650. ;)

  3. I want the black one. Looks like Dre Beats, pero mas mura. I wonder if that's a matte finish right there. May sample naba nito sa mga stores?

  4. uy cool ah! Paano yung materials neto? Philippine made din lahat? O_O nice!

  5. I hope they would also make smaller version, masyadong escandaloso para sakin ung headphones. Sana meron din earphones na parang dr. dre beats sytle.. 2500php is a reasonable price given that it would perform as they advertised.

  6. salvador is right. this product can only compete if they lower down the price because let's face it, despite being known to have lower quality, still people buy from CDR king.

  7. when is this coming out? Im visiting Manila in March and I want one. pls tell me when this gorgeous headphones are coming out?

  8. Cool! Filipinos are now in the line! We should support our very own!

  9. okayy, are these available online?! i want these but im in california

  10. It's already available in Team Manila Mall of Asia and Urban Athletics in Greenbelt 3. I have a pair of these cans, and sad to say, It's sound quality is just average. The design is superb though.

  11. Dapat tanggalin yung SUPPORT LOKAL MUSIC
    parang naging ads yung earphones, naging cheap kasi nag plead ka sa tao. parang it implies that we should support lokal music because its fading. MALI YUN

  12. i love this headset and i bliv it offers best quality sound. ava.ph is giving away discount http://ava.ph/shops/39-timbre-gitara-headphones.html?type=shop#sthash.AhP31U67.dpbs

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  15. Its headband is additionally movable to advance the solace that it can accommodate any individual who needs to wear them. earphones


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