The Ultimate Schick Look 2011 Event at the Dolce Superclub

Last Friday members of the media were invited to the Dolce Superclub at Tomas Morato to cover Schick's "Ultimate Schick Look 2011" where ten guys and ten gals vied to be Schick's 2011 Male and Female Brand Ambassadors.

The top 20 contestants were the best from over 100 nominations received during the university tour in 50 schools held since September, and led the pack after a neck-on-neck voting on Schick’s official website and Facebook page.

The night comprised of catwalks, dancing, Q&As, more dancing, and finally the awarding. Meanwhile, booze and food was aplenty for the invited and the VIPs.

Contestants were mostly young adults from the 17-23 age range. Needless to say, they're all worthy of being in the top 10 of the male and female categories.

Before the main awarding though, Schick gave out special awards such as Ultimate Schick Talent, Ultimate Schick Style, Ultimate Schick Photogenic and USL ng Bayan for most online votes. Everyone pretty much was a winner.

But before anything else, I'd like to just put this picture here. It's an Energizer dance crew doing a light show. I shot a perfect pic at the right moment that makes the dancing lights look like plenty of live Fruit Ninja slices.

And here are the official winners of the Ultimate Schick Look 2011 event:

Those on the sides were the runners up and the couple at the center were the grand winners. Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch any of their names. Maybe there's a list on Schick's official Facebook page. Anyway, my personal crush is the fine lady at the leftmost part of the picture. She was pure game that night, whipping her body here and there while smiling all the time. Up to now I'm still wondering why she didn't take home the gold.

Event aside, the Dolce Superclub was nice. I liked their centralized discoball and laserlights ceiling mount, the place was well ventilated even with the occassional smoke-spewing d-bag, and of course fine ladies everywhere. To my surprise the security personnel weren't as douchey as I thought they would be. Some of them were actually nice and accommodating. The killing factor for me was the place's size. It was much smaller than anticipated, but it works fine so I guess there's no problem.

Author's note: If some of the people at Dolce is reading this though, please pin your place over at Google Maps. Annabel's and Burgoo have theirs, I can't believe you have yet to pin yours. Everyone doesn't exactly know where Dolce Superclub is. If you wanna book at Dolce, here's their reservation hotline: 926-6644.

All in all, the Ultimate Schick Look 2011 event was a success. People were happy, contestants were happy, and a chosen beneficiary from the GMA Kapuso Foundation was rid of their disability.

A shout out to Sean and Lai of Agatep Associates for the invite. If you have an event that needs covering, contact them through their URL at

Meanwhile, check the gallery below for more pics.

'Till my next installment.

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