Unpacked Hexed Rag.exe for Ragnarok Online Philippines (Updated)

If you're looking for an unpacked and already hexed rag.exe client for Ragnarok Online Philippines download then you've come at the right place.

I went through all the trouble of unpacking and hexing a rag.exe client because I can't find anything off of the net. Even so, there's hardly anything reliable and trustworthy in there because of security issues such as trojans, malware and keyloggers. Also, learning how to unpack and hex files such as this is difficult at best if you're a first timer. Through this method, all you'll do is a copy-paste.

Download link for the unpacked and hexed rag.exe for Ragnarok Online Philippines after the jump.

Unpacked Hexed Rag.exe for Ragnarok Online Philippines Download

unpacked hex ragexe valexe lokiexe client download ragnarok online philippines image

Installation Instructions:
1. Download file and copy;
2. Go to your Ragnarok Online folder usually located at C://Programs/Ragnarok Online;
3. Right-click and overwrite your current ragexe.exe file;
4. Enjoy.

Attention: Make a backup of your original .exe files before the procedure above.

Note: You can also use this for replacing bugged valexe.exe and valhexe.exe and sakexe.exe and lokiexe.exe clients. Simply rename the downloaded ragexe.exe file to whatever server you're playing at (ex. rename ragexe.exe to lokiexe.exe if you play at New Loki).

Unpacked Hexed Rag.exe for Ragnarok Online Philippines Download Link*

Size: 3.74 MB
*File download link working as of 11/29/2011
*File updated and working as of 11/29/2011

Disables Gameguard Client
Enables multi-client launch
Enables unlimited game zoom
Enables faster loading time from client launch to log-in screen

This unpacked hexed Rag.exe file will mostly solve launch-related problems for Windows 7 users. I've encountered those snags myself and most opinions on the internet blame the GameGuard security client for incompatibility issues. I believe this is the case since I never encountered any problem again (missing sprites, launcher not launching) after installing the said patch.

So that's it for this post. If I helped you make your Ragnarok Online PH client work at your Windows 7 PC or netbook, then share, like or tweet this post.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. hi, tried this ngayon lang. although nagagamit ko na yung ragna kasabay ng openkore, nabukas parin ang gameguard. do you have a newer hex? or better, instructions on hex-ing a client?

  2. i tried to download unpacked hexed but avg said it has a virus named HEUR...

  3. @Anonymous 4:25PM

    AVG is known for spotting false positives. If you'll try Avira or Avast those antivirus programs won't detect anything.

  4. Thanks a lot! Gameguard was closing down my game everytime there was a bot running in background, your exe file fixed it. Again, Thanks. ;)


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