Wild Ones Cheats, Hacks and Aimbot for Facebook

Wild Ones, a Playdom game, is a Facebook app in which a lonely puppy is waiting for you to teach him how to throw a grenade. No seriously, Wild Ones is pretty much what Worms and Scorched Earth is all about. You take a cuddly animal avatar, equip it with arsenal that would make Rambo cry tears of pride and put Saddam's "WMDs" to shame, blow other animals up, and be the last man—in this case the last animal—standing.

What's good about Wild Ones is its tried and tested gameplay and continuous content rollout. Here you pit it out with other Facebook players real time, take turns trying to cannon each other out (reminds me of a popular standalone online game way back 2005. I wonder what happened to it) and win. Of course the only time Wild Ones would suck is when your screen lags from all the massive joyful explosions that fill up your happy screen. That's your cue to buy a new rig.

Anyway, proceed and check out the Wild Ones cheats, hacks and aimbots for Facebook.

Wild Ones Cheats, Hacks and Aimbots for Facebook

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Wild Ones 99x Ammo Cheat

Cheat Engine v6.1
Mozilla Firefox
Wild Ones Account

1. Open Cheat Engine v6.1 and log-in your Wild Ones account;
2. On the Cheat Engine's select browser tab, select Firefox;
3. Go to your Wild Ones account, select practice and play for a while;
4. Scan the amount of ammo of your current weapon. Say, you have a Queen Beehive with 500 ammo, scan 500. Then shoot your weapon once then scan the present ammo again (Queen Beehive 499). Keep repeating until an address is found;
5. Find the address (it should be located in a table) and double-click it.
Right click the address and select "Find Out What Section to this Address" and click on Yes;
6. Go back to your Wild Ones window and shoot another ammo again. Once an address appears choose "eax" at the last digit then click "Disassembler";
7. Click on the following buttons in this order: Click Tools, Auto Assemble, Template, Code Injection and lastly click on OK;
8. Delete "cmp eax,00" and above of it change "mov [ebx+54],eax" to "add [ebx+54],99". Copy "add [ebx+54],99" change the "Place your code here" to "add [ebx+54],99";
9. Click on Execute, then click on Yes. Once another dialog box appears, click OK;
10. Your weapon's ammo should now be at 99.

Video guide below:

Unfortunately this is currently the only Wild Ones cheats and hacks I have. I'm going to update this post once more Wild ones cheats and hacks surface on the net. And I'm talking about certified working cheats.

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'Till my next installment.

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