How to Install iPhone, iPad, iPod Apps and .ipa Files Without iTunes

If you own an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch, you probably experienced syncing and backing up your wares at the iTunes application on a PC or Mac. This method of installing apps on your Apple product is almost perfect if not only for its arduous overall process.

Enter i-FunBox. i-FunBox is a rather small PC program that would do everything iTunes does plus more. Install .ipa files with only two mouse clicks, copy and paste photos like crazy, and be able to dig to the deepest parts of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The best thing about i-FunBox is it's all free.

So anyway, here's a "quick but enough to get you going" guide on how to install iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch apps and .ipa files without iTunes.

How to Install iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Apps and .ipa Files Without iTunes

1. Go to and download the iFunBox application. While there, like or +1 their page as well to show appreciation for a free and wonderful product;
2. Extract the file and run the program. No installation needed;
3. As this post is for installing apps and .ipa files on your Apple device, press the "Install App" button located at the top center part of the iFunBox program (click image to enlarge):

how to install iphone ipad ipod touch apps ipa files without itunes ifunbox music videos photos image

4. A dialog box will appear and will ask you for your Apple app/.ipa file. Select the app/.ipa file you want to install and click Open;
5. iFunBox will now start installing your app/.ipa file. Depending on the size of the .ipa file it might take only a few seconds or a couple of minutes for it to get installed. Wait for the status bar to display "idle" before doing anything else;
6. After successfully installing desired apps/.ipa files, click on "Device Safe Removal" and remove your device;
7. Congratulations. You have successfully installed iTunes apps/.ipa files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without iTunes.

This method of installing apps on Apple devices is the quickest way to do so as far as I know. It's also true for putting pictures (instead of mailing them to yourself) or music or videos inside your Apple device, although that guide is for another post.

Now that you know how to install iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch apps and .ipa files without iTunes, why not share, tweet, or like this page so more people can learn this method?

'Till my next installment.

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