Clever Buy Launches CB Affiliate Program, Makes Users Earn Money

Affiliate programs are all the rage in internet sales these days. There's Amazon Affiliates, Click Bank Affiliates, Google Affiliates, and a plethora of others. Joining the successful marketing system is Clever Buy, a new generation e-commerce platform that provides free advertising services to the Filipino entrepreneurs in the retail and services industry.

If you're not too familiar with how internet affiliate programs work, just think of the real-life fashion and cosmetics company Avon. Avon sells their products through a multi-level marketing scheme, gathering sales representatives to pitch and sell their products for them. In that respect, you will be, whereas Avon calls their people sales reps, an affiliate. And while being a sales representative for a consumer goods company is challenging and physically demanding, an internet affiliate—in an ideal setting—will earn money literally doing nothing. That's exactly what Clever Buy's Affiliate Program is all about—Making money online.

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Clever Buy Philippines officially launched the Clever Buy Affiliate Program last February 23, 2012 at the prestigious 7th High Club at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Spearheading the event were Clever Buy's GM David Stautigel, Country Manager Chris Aranez, and their Senior Marketing Officers Francisco Llanillo, Franz, Magdamit, and Erwin Antonio.

Chris Aranez, Clever Buy's Country Manager

The idea is simple: Make a web page (which could be acquired freely from platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress), put some Clever Buy deal ads, refer people to Clever Buy through these deal ads, and when they purchase a deal you automatically receive a 40% cut. All that and more without sweating your pants off.

But that's not all: Every person you refer to Clever Buy automatically earns you P1.00. Refer a thousand friends from Facebook and you have one grand. And if your Facebook friend buys a deal worth P5,000.00, less the seller's 75% cut on gross and Clever Buy's 60% on net, you'll have P500.00. Imagine if ten of your Facebook friends buy the same P5,000.00 deal. You'll earn P5,000.00 instantly. Is that making money online method easy or what?

The CB Affiliate Program also features a Tier 2 system, which guarantees you a 10% cut on your referral's referrals.

So if you want to earn some money on the side without absolutely doing nothing (except for building websites, putting ads on them, and/or referring people to Clever Buy through these deal ads/unique affiliate link ID), try the CB Affiliate Program out. If you'll be able to build a network big enough, all you'll have to do is sit back, relax, and watch money flow to your bank account. And please, do so now. The Clever Buy Affiliate Program is just fresh off the oven and the market is ready for the taking. If you'll be one of the first people to build a network, you can make five or more digits a month guaranteed.

And if you're still not sold, download the PDF file at the link below to learn more:

Clever Buy Affiliates Introduction (1.73 MB)

Meanwhile, check the Clever Buy Philippines website out. They're a group buying site similar to others you might've heard of. If the deals fancy you, go ahead and buy something.

Update: Clever Buy Philippines has its own booth in SM Megamall, the first group-buying site to do so in my opinion.

They're located at the GF, near Comic Alley.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Thank you for being with us last night! Good luck and hope to have you again on our upcoming events. :)

  2. Hi TJ!
    How do you join their affiliate program?
    I visited the site and I could not locate a signup or join the affiliate program

  3. Hi Jeff, At CleverBuy homepage you can find at the right side of the page "Refer your Friends" just click that image and you will be redirected to Friends Affiliates page but if you want to join our business affiliate you may register at Thanks and good luck!

  4. Sir TJ so if kung puro Blogger blogs lang ang paggagawan pwede din sya dun? Can it be new or kailangan may mga post na laman?

  5. how to join cleverbuy affiliate?

  6. @Arnold
    Yes you can use Blogger or Wordpress blogs, even the free ones. You needn't purchase a domain. A post or three would be ideal if you want to build a dedicated Clever Buy sales page.

    Go to and on the right side click "Refer to friends" or go to to become an affiliate.

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