DotA 6.73c LoD v2c Map Download (Updated)

After years of not playing Dota Allstars, I had a chance to play another modified map from Icefrog's original version: DotA 6.73c LoD v2c. The idea here is to pick one hero, pick three skills and an ultimate skill from other heroes that would go with your character, and defend your Ancient e.g. Morphling can use Laguna Blade at the right level. It's a fun DotA mod that can blow past an hour if the players are really good. FYI, LoD means Lord of Death.

 So if you're looking forward to downloading the DotA 6.73c LoD v2c Map, scroll down below and fetch the details.

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DotA 6.73c LoD v2c Map Download Free

DotA 6.73c LoD v2c Changelog

Aghanim’s Scepter working again
Improved Anti Backdoor
Fixed Fire Remnant
Removed Searing Chains
All extra skills working
Mode -s5 = -ak
  • -sds5abul (pick 4 skills plus 1 ultimate skill)
  • -sds6abul (pick 4 skills plus 2 ultimate skills)
Game Modes


Additional Modes

-d2 – this mod only works with “sd,” provide choice of 20 characters
-d3 - this mod only works with “sd,” provide choice of 30 characters
-s5 - Adds to the usual four skills, but without ultimate skill, all four skills are from skills 1-3 of each hero (does not work with -s6)
-s6 - Adds to the usual four skills, 2 normal + 1 remote control
-fn – Fast Neutrals
-ab – Anti Backdoor
-ul – Unlimited Level

DotA 6.73c LoD v2c Map Download

Map: DotA 6.73c LoD v2c
Size: 6.89MB
File type: .w3x

Thanks and credits to the guys at and for releasing this fantastic DotA 6.73c LoD v2c map for download.

'Till my next installment.

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