Join Cooler Master Philippines' Overclocking Competition "OC Nation"

Are you an avid PC modder that can't help but brag your monster rig's awesome speed? Are you the type of person who's constantly seeking to break the national overclocking record? Do you overclock for fun? Then Cooler Master Philippines' event is for you.

Cooler Master Philippines is currently holding an overclocking event dubbed the "OC Nation" in which experts and novices alike will learn the basics of overclocking, share tips on how to effectively overclock your machine, and converge in everything overclocking. There's also raffles, seminars and product showcases. But the best of all must be the OC Nation's Overclocking Competition.

cooler master philippines overclocking oc nation

In the OC Nation Overclocking Competition, top overclocking individuals will duke it out on a three day battle to see who's the best in the tournament. There would be also an exhibition match in which the top three performers will team up with an audience member and face the nation's overclocking champions.

If you're interested in participating in Cooler Master's Overclocking Competition, you can view the full mechanics plus the whole discussion thread HERE.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in attending Cooler Master's OC Nation, you can catch them at:

SM Southmall Cyberzone: March 17-18, 2012
SM Manila Cyberzone: March 24-25, 2012

There's also this daily raffle draw that will give you a chance to win premium Cooler Master items for—though I'm not really a fan of multiple exclamation points— FREE!!!

Check this ADX Arena Facebook Fan Page for more details.

Important notes:
  • The raffle will be drawn onsite randomly, from 11AM to 6PM this March 17-18 and 24-25 (SM Cyberzone Southmall and Manila);
  • Entries of those who joined the raffle but not physically present in the event will be forfeited;
  • In case a participant's name being drawn twice, the price with the higher value will be given.
So that's it for this post. Do check out OC Nation at SM Southmall and SM Manila if you're around the area. While you're here, also register for their daily raffle so you can bag yourself some of those premium goodies.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. this is cool... I just heard overclocking to my friends and i really don't have any idea about that. Now I have a chance to know what's really interesting about overclocking...tnx to this post @_@

    by the way .. what is the process of registration do you have any idea?.. or i will just walk inn in cyberzone -mark

  2. sir i heard your playing Ragnarok... why don't you have a bit of review in their new server named "New Iris" or some quests guides in game its cool coz its new LOL...and in need some guide coz im new in that server too heheh - mark


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