Samsung Service Centers in the Philippines

If you have any Samsung products to get repaired, better get to a certified Samsung service center in the Philippines. Not only would they take a look at your Samsung items for free, they would also fix or replace them for you if they're still covered by a warranty, free of charge.

Now, here are the Samsung service centers scattered throughout the Philippines:

samsung service centers in the philippines

I don't know if these Samsung service centers in the Philippines accept every Samsung product or if they only specialize in a certain Samsung product field e.g. TVs, printers, smartphones, etc. Better call them first and ask.

So there you have it. If your Samsung product is broken and needs repairs, or if you just want to ask around, go to or call the nearest Samsung service center near you.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Hello Everyone
    I am from India and using Samsung Galaxy Y. Some days ago, I went to Samsung Service Centre, as my phone was fallen in water. And they checked that, and told me that the phone touch and jack are destroyed and have to replace these. I said okay coz my phone was under warranty. But they told me that they would charge me 4000/-. As it was near the half amount of new phone’s price. Then I went to another service centre and they told me to charge 1600/-. So I gave my phone to them as they were charging less amount then first one. But my some of friends told me that they have charged me unnecessarily. Because if our any product is under warranty, the company pay for their repair. So I contacted the centre for same but they didn’t respond me for my issue. So, I filed my complaint in Consumer Court. I just hope for great help from their side as soon as possible. I just shared my experience to aware you guys. I hope it worked.

  2. I think causes of malfunction such falling into water and mishandling is not part of warranty.

  3. I brought my 2 months old tab to samsung service center for board replacement. I left my tab per the technician's advice since theres still few units on queue that he needs to repair. I came back the following day to get my tab. To my dismay, the technician did not touch the tab at all. He told me it will take an hour or so for him to change the board. I waited for 2 hours, and its not done yet.i waited again for an hour. The technician told me he will just contact me as soon as its done, because changing its IMI will sometimes take 3 to 5 days.and if it doesnt work still, they need to reorder another board, and its gonna take another 7 days. so i took my tab back, and swear im not buying any samsung brand anymore

  4. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 about 5 months ago. It broke down and recognize the sim.Service recommended a motherboard replacement while I insisted for a replacement for a new unit. Until it
    reaches samsung electronics head office. Top management insisted on just replacing the motherboard. Im very dissaponted to Samsung have not utilized the phone and yet what they can only offer is just a board repair.35,000 is a hard earned money we should expect more from them for such an expensive unit. Left me no choice but to seek legal advice and will file a complaint in the proper authority

  5. Dont buy at samsung memoxpress in sm marikina,they resell,re pack returned damaged samsung products. Dinadaya lng nila to look brand their service'er sucks..very rude .

  6. Samsung mobile phones are ceremoniously the simplest mobile manufacturers of today. you'll love the features of their phones. The multimedia features of Samsung is that the best in quality among mobile manufacturers.
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