NGC Doomsday Preppers Airs 9/17

Have you ever wondered what tomorrow will hold after a huge disaster? Do you have any idea what to do when a calamity hits? That's what the National Geographic Channel's newest series Doomsday Preppers aims to answer.

National Geographic Channel will be airing its newest end-of-the-world series Doomsday Preppers on September 17, Monday, at 9PM.

In each episode, the progress of the preppers’ survival plans are reviewed, logistic and contingency plans are assessed, overall preparedness is rated, and the chances of survival are analyzed by a group of expert, long-time apocalypse planners called Practical Preppers who share their knowledge through teaching, training, and consulting. So are these preppers practical or paranoid? That’s for the viewers to decide.

So if you're on cable and you have the National Geographic Channel on your lineup, you better wait for this show to air. It might not be Bear Grylls survival, but it pays off, especially that it coincides a few months before the "Mayan December 21, 2012 Doomsday".

'Till my next installment.

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