New Carrier Aircons Promise Efficiency, Savings

Concepcion-Carrier, one of the biggest names in the airconditioning industry, has launched a new set of airconditioners that brings not only fantastic design, but also more efficient electric consumption.

Opening to the tune of the summer season, Raul Concepcion CEO of Concepcion-Carrier, showcased the Carrier Optima window room air conditioner, the Carrier XPower2 high wall inverter, and the Carrier Designer Series inverter. These products are said to have an "energy efficient system design" that "is optimized to deliver the lowest electric consumption."

raul concepcion carrier aircon event

Carrier-Concepcion likes to put its money where its mouth is: To prove how energy efficient their products were, they brought along competing brands, attached power meters to each, and showed the readings to the press. The brief test showed that the Optima leads in efficient electricity consumption.* The product is in fact so efficient that it produced a lower meter reading than the one Carrier advertised.

*Carrier-Concepcion advertises a 30% energy savings on the Optima vs other brands

carrier optima electricity efficiency savings

Carrier-Concepcion also developed a patented energy saver adaptor — specifically designed for its products — that would reportedly save you a whopping 40% on aircon electricity consumption. The adaptor comes free with every purchase of their airconditioners.

Other highlights of their products include: 1) a new airconditioner filter, promising dust- and odor-free air (Optima); 2) a Smart Auto Diagnosis System and multiple air filters (XPower 2), and; fantastic new colors that will fit "any creative or fashionable living space (Designer series)."

carrier designer series different colors

The Carrier Optima, Carrier XPower2, and Carrier Designer Series, will all be available in the market starting this summer, April 2013. All products will also come with a durability guarantee, including a five-year compressor warranty, genuine parts availability, and 24/7 customer support from the company's own Customer Care Center.

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