New Pacific Rim Trailer Outed, Will Hit Theaters July 2013

I've always wanted to see robots duking it out against monsters in a movie. But not just any movie: A Hollywood movie. Turns out it's going to come true this July 2013, and it's called "Pacific Rim."

Pacific Rim—a movie by Guillermo del Toro—is about humanity's fight for survival against creatures called the "Kaiju." These "Kaiju" arose from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and its sole purpose is to wipe out the human race. Now, you can say that I've watched a lot of mainstream flicks, but this one is just screaming of Gundam or Evangelion. Fortunately, this time America's the one doing the fighting, not Japan.

The video below is the Pacific Rim's official Wondercon trailer, just released 24 hours ago. Watch:

This movie I'm definitely going to watch in IMAX 3D (though the rates cost an arm and a leg). It's going to hit theathers this July 12, 2013.

On a side note, I'm absolutely sure that an Android and/or iOS game of this is going to come out.

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