Globe Rewards Gives Bonus Points on Top of Load, Now MemoXpress Accepted

I just love it when services you use everyday add real value to your life. One such service is Globe's Rewards program: It gives equivalent points for every reload you make on prepaid; On postpaid, for whatever excess amount you have on your regular billing.

As someone who loves to embrace new stuff, I recently decided to try the program out, but not before checking my Globe Rewards balance. I just texted BAL to 4438.

Turns out I racked up quite an amount of points. I then headed to SM Megamall with Bench in mind, as this clothes shop is a certified Globe Rewards partner. 2,400 points will buy at least 3 or 4 shirts. Somehow, I managed to drop by one of my favorite mobile shops, MemoXpress and, as if it was meant by destiny, I learned that Globe Rewards is now accepted by the store!

globe rewards memoxpress

Without any ado, I asked for the smartphone I've been eyeing for quite some time, tested it, and expressed my intent to buy it. What's wonderful here is, the MemoXpress staffers automatically asked if I had Globe Rewards on me and that I could save some cash if I use it on the transaction. I just thought, "Don't mind if I do."

I located their Globe Rewards partner number and transferred my points to them like so:

A Globe Rewards partner store's number is usually located at a paper standee, similar to the one above. If you're in doubt though, better ask. It doesn't hurt to be sure. I don't know what'll happen if you send those points away to a wrong number.

Within seconds, the friendly staff of MemoXpress SM Megamall received the points, I paid the remaining balance, and they started writing my purchase receipt.

globe rewards points

The original cost of the phone I bought: P9,590. The amount I paid: P7,190. The best part is that I saved P2,400, all thanks to my frequent use of my Globe prepaid.

So, as a Globe sub to another Globe sub, here are some pointers:

1) Check your Globe Rewards points balance frequently as they expire annually every March 31 of the succeeding year. When March 31, 2014 comes, no matter how many your points are, they're going to be forfeited if unused;

2) If you're a little short in points, ask a friend or a family member to share some to you. You can do this by typing SHARE (SPACE) MOBILE NUMBER (SPACE) AMOUNT and sending it to 4438. Remember to exclude the first zero of the mobile number you're going to share points to.

And of course, here's my phone (pun intended)! Thanks Globe Telecom for this value-added service!

globe rewards points memoxpress

If you're looking for more detailed information on how Globe's Reward program works, go to

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