DraStic Emulator on Android Lets You Play Nintendo DS Games

Ever wanted to play Nintendo DS games on your Android? Still looking for that perfect emulator but everything is slow as heck? We felt the same as you weeks ago until we found the DraStic DS Emulator app at the Google Play Store.

DraStic lets you play most, if not all, Nintendo DS games perfectly, provided your smartphone is capable enough (it doesn't run on all phones, especially on Tegra 2 and Intel x86-based devices) and you have a copy, or in gamer parlance, a ROM.

pokemon black drastic nintendo ds emulator android

The app itself is very user-friendly and mode-rich, sporting features such as built-in cheats, save/load states, and Google Drive integration (meaning, you can play your save file on different devices aftter syncing). For what it's worth, it runs Pokemon Black perfectly, lets me walk through walls, and cream everyone with my level-capped, perfect stats Pokemon team. Sadly, WiFi/multiplayer connection is currently unsupported.

The DraStic app has been built from scratch by renowned scene person Exophase, and currently sells for P344.11 at the Play Store, which if I may say, is very worth it.

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  1. sure po? even Nintendo 3DS games? baka "ds" games lang.. not 3ds?

  2. @Anonymous

    Thanks for seeing the typo. Already corrected!

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