13-Year Old Takes 3rd Place at Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Global Championship

Whenever I watch Tekken bouts at arcade centers in the metro, I always think, "Man, Filipino players must be among the best in the world." True enough, 13-year old Alexander Laverez takes home the bronze at the recently concluded Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Global Championship held at Seoul, South Korea.

AK on stage receiving his award
While Alexander Laverez is no stranger to the Tekken championship (he's the youngest local Tekken Champion of our own Pinoy Gaming Festival), he's had non-believers in his fast-rising career doubting his leet fighting skills. The boy finally proved them wrong when he defeated South Korea's top-tier fighter "Help-Me!!" and win third place using the classic fighting combo Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law. Alexander—also known by his stage name AK—earlier during the event, also managed to win against Nobu, the Tekken Emperor of Japan, and JDCR, Tekken Legend.

He might've not taken home the gold—but at thirteen year's old, this kid's already accomplished more compared to my gaming career. He possibly even have a bright future in e-sports. Congratulations AK!

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