Need a Mini Bus? The Foton View Traveller Could Be For You

Chinese vehicle and heavy machinery manufacturer Foton recently held their Big Show 2013 event at the World Trade Center, Pasay City this October 25, 26, and 27, showcasing all their utility and service transports all the way from China.

Highlights of the event include the unveiling and launch of the 15-seater Foton View Traveller, test driving of heavy machineries and vehicles, and the exhibition of Foton's Dancing Wheel Loader, which was super fun!

A souped-up pickup truck complete with all the bells and whistles for total offroad adventure
Foton's own long van
The event proper at the Foton Big Show 2013
One of Foton's many delivery trucks
Foton's Auman 9 420w six-wheeler truck
A shiny new Foton engine
That's not a Mitsubishi Montero pickup truck. That's a Foton.
The Foton View. Seats maybe 12 people.
The rear side of the Foton View.
Foton's EURO-II delivery truck

If you own a gasoline station, Foton can also cater to your needs with their tanker.
Foton also manufactures construction loaders.

If you run a warehouse, this Foton loader is what you need.
Foton's fire truck.
A Foton ambulance.
The Foton Big Show 2013 exhibition hall at the World Trade Center.

One of the fun events at the Foton Big Show 2013 was when a wheel loader "danced" to a Black Eyed Peas song, rolling only on two wheels and gyrating to the beat for about a solid 15 minutes. It's an incredible feat to accomplish, and is very dangerous. But what this exhibition highlights are the toughness and reliability of Foton machines.

And this is the belle of the ball, the Foton View Traveller 2013. It's a 15-seater van that can serve as a mini-bus because of all the people and equipment it can load. I managed to test-drive this big beauty along Roxas Boulevard (and I was also the first test-driver that day) and all I have to say is that it's a good ride.

Reaching the driver's seat is quite a little task, since the vehicle itself is tall. Sitting down however, it doesn't feel tight and cramped; I felt comfortable sitting down. The surrounding seat has a comfortable cushion and fits beautifully to my frame. And inspecting around, I found out that the dashboard has appreciable quality, the gauges, switches, and knobs all over the vehicle was of good build, and the vehicle itself is detailed enough to be called gorgeous.

As this is a manual transmission car, you have all three pedals at the foot area. However, I felt the pedals were a little small. That said, they were at the right placement and at the right height; not too deep within the seat, not too shallow as to make pressing on them a chore. The drive wheel was also of the right size, having the proper distance between my arms and my chest (some vans allow you only very limited space, making you sit down a sharp 90 degrees. Trying to relax would make the drive wheel hit your chest).

Driving this behemoth along Roxas Boulevard on a wonderful sunny Saturday was a joy; I had no problem reaching 80mph on an open road. Steering response was good (as is the power-steering feature, so you don't exert too much effort while turning the wheels), the airconditioning was awesome, and the brakes are ultra-strong. What I found exciting though is that the Foton View Traveller almost drives like a sedan. And that's a good thing because you will feel very familiar and comfortable inside.

If I had P1.3 million and needed a transport for a big group of people, I'd consider getting the Foton View Traveller. Aside from the good build of the vehicle, it provides something that most vans miss—comfort. This Chinese vehicle fits 15 people easy, each with their own chairs and own safety mechanisms. Overall, the Foton View Traveller is a wonderful car.

If you're interested in a Foton vehicle, you can reach them via their website at or via their hotline numbers at +632-459-2121 or +63999-999-9998.

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