Globe GCash Lets You Buy Load for Other Networks

I'm a very Twitter-heavy person; I get a majority of my news and updates on the social network. I'm also one for rooting on both technology and convenience. So imagine my face when I learned through the Twitter-famous Divine Lee that subscribers can now purchase Smart and Sun prepaid loads through Globe's GCash service. Why was I surprised? It's simply because you rarely see convenience happen over competition.

Globe GCash Lets You Buy Load for Other Networks

At this point, I was curious to try the service. After all, Globe is serving competitor services. I have all the reason in the world to doubt that this would work. Anyway, I got a hold of my dual SIM smartphone (if you haven't heard I'm a heavy dual SIM Android smartphone user) and immediately tried sending P10 prepaid credits to my SUN number. To my surprise it worked! My GCash account actually purchased and sent P10 to my SUN SIM! Now that's technology and convenience in action!

Basically you just have to dial *143# on your phone, select GCash, Buy Load, your network, and the amount—or, and this I emphasize—promo you want to subscribe to (yes, you can even subscribe to other networks' promos directly). Check the gallery out below.

Purchasing prepaid credits directly for Globe, TM, Smart, TNT, and SUN have never been this easy until GCash. While the service itself is already useful, adding a top-up feature to other networks adds a whole new dimension of convenience to both existing and would-be users e.g. you can send credits to relatives using different networks when disasters strike locally and the like.

This is a boon for subscribers of both networks (and their other brands of course) since it allows for flawless delivery of prepaid load and subscriptions to promos. Honestly I hope that this service would continue to flourish and that Smart would also entertain the idea of such a service.

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