AKG K619 Headphones Review

Almost every audiophile out there owns at least a pair of headphones. Why not? They look cool, they give off great sound, and nowadays you can carry them everywhere. But with this great benefits come a couple of tradeoffs, one being premium pricing. But personally, as long as the product can justify the price, it's all good. That's what we tested the AKG K619 DJ headphones.


Let's get straight to it -- the AKG K619 looks great. The sleek, matte black color of the band complements the metallic red on the cups well (reds and blacks always tend to blend well together). The material used in the product is mostly plastic, except for the pads that come in contact with your ears and your head. Overall feel, durability, and flexibility looked good as far as I was concerned.

AKG K619 Headphones Review

Being DJ headphones, the K619 comes with swiveling earpads with decent noise isolating capabilities -- you know, the type that you don't wear in the road because you can't even hear a train coming even if it's right in front of you.

Upon wearing, the joints of the product gave off a slight "bendy" sound, if you will. The sound that plastic composites make when they get stretched. The hinges (the only other metal part exposed in the product aside from the screws) meanwhile, were always ready for twisting and turning, as would any good DJ'ing headphones do.

The AKG K619 comes with a cord of average length, a silver-plated 3.5mm jack, an inline remote and a volume control (perfect for listening on the go without resorting to control on the main device). This headphone unfortunately doesn't offer a removable cord/removable earpad feature.

AKG K619 Headphones Review

Comfort-wise, the K619 feels good upon initial wear. The cup foams and the head padding are soft enough, but will feel tight and sweaty after prolonged periods of time.


Without diving into too much technical detail, the AKG K619 sounded great. The range of sounds of whatever I was playing -- from thin bossa music to bass-heavy dub sounds -- unsurprisingly reproduced with great accuracy (unsurprising since the product performed as I expected). The highs and mids were rendered wholly without sounding "canny". The lows meanwhile sounded powerful, but not overpowering, especially after considering the good noise isolation feature of the cups and its foam. Remember those overrated headphones that deliver nothing but heavy bass according to audio experts? The K619 isn't like that.

There's little to no listening fatigue, even for an hour. Sound imaging and staging are a slight bump above the average; I felt the AKG K619 filled the room I was in with sound, though I had a slightly difficult time visualizing the locations of the instruments in the stage.


Of all the competing headhphones out there, you can say that the AKG K619 is a good choice. It looks awesome, the audio is clear and crisp, the sound delivery is comfortable, and it will bring you a fine listening experience for just P5,990.

AKG K619 Headphones Review

That said, there possibly are more affordable cans out there that sound the same, but we'd just be arguing about user preference if we go there. There's also the mild lack of flexibility of the headset.

The AKG K619 are available at JBL shops and at selected audio stores nationwide.

AKG K619 Specifications

System: Dynamic
Design: Closed-back
Colour: Black, Black/Red
Frequency range: 16Hz – 24kHz
Sensitivity: 115dB SPL/V
Input impedance: 32 ohms
Maximum input power: 2000mW
Net weight (without cable): 215g (7.6 oz)
Cable: 1.2m (3' 11") plus 1m (3' 3") extension cable included
Main connection: 3.5mm (1/8") hard, silver-plated jack

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