Cherry Mobile Teases Phablet with Proper Pen Features

Update: Cherry Mobile just announced the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro. We got half of the name right, and another photo of it was just posted minutes ago below.

cherry mobile titan pro

Top local mobile brand Cherry Mobile recently teased another phablet on their Facebook page that features a pen and matching pen apps. The smartphone - no questions asked - is very reminiscent of Samsung's Galaxy Note series.

Judging from the photo (and of course, recent market history), the phablet may feature a 5.5-inch display, a Mediatek processer, possibly 2GB RAM, an HD display, 16GB of onboard memory, and might be named the Cherry Mobile Pro (The hashtag #LikeAPro and the PRO font at the poster below possibly hint to the device's name. Then again, we could be wrong).

cherry mobile pro smartphone phablet with pen

If you have an idea of the phone's OEM, post a link at the comments box below and we'll make sure you get a proper shoutout. Meanwhile, what do you think about this phone? Is it another gamechanger even with the arrival of the Moto G?

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