Get More Shinies and Rare Items on Pokemon X and Y with Datel's Action Replay Powersave

Time and again, enterprising trainers looking forward to collecting all of the world's Pokemon have found ways to - if they can't acquire something legitimately - game the system. As an enterprising trainer myself, I've seen it all - from generating perfect and legendary shinies from thin air, walking through walls, making a Magikarp evolve into Rayquaza, and then some. And with the coming of Pokemon's Generation VI, there's no stopping the trend.

datel powersave for nintendo 3ds pokemon x y cheats

The Action Replay Powersave from Datel recently received cheat code support for Pokemon X and Y that, among others, enables users to back up their saved games on PC, get any of the currently 718 Pokemon on a whim (and even make it shiny at that), and enjoy almost unlimited consumable items. 999 Rare Candies, anyone?

pokemon x y cheats nintendo 3ds datel powersave

The Datel Action Replay Powersave for the Nintendo 3DS is now available on Amazon for around US $23 (currently $18 as of this writing), around a thousand pesos here, shipping excluded. Please don't hate on me when I get that shiny Yveltal.

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