WatchGuard Firebox T10 UTM Announced, Protects Data-centric Companies from Data Theft and Attacks

If you belong to the people that love working at home for a company with high value intellectual properties and sensitive data, chances are there would always be unsavory people trying to get inside your network and take some valuables, effectively compromising security (and perhaps your job and your company's future). That's probably what WatchGuard Technologies had in mind when they launched the Firebox T10.

WatchGuard Firebox T10

The Firebox T10, a mean-looking Unified Threat Management (UTM) device, would be among your initial line of defenses for attempted intrusions when you're working at your home or a small office space. It serves as a "security gateway device", guarding and filtering your network to malicious accessers.

Specs-wise, it features flexible management tools and WatchGuard's very own RapidDeploy technology, enabling security administrators to immediately set up the Firebox T10 at the remotest of locations, assuring businesses they're protected everywhere they connect. The device has a 200 Mbps firewall throughput, a 55 Mbps UTM throughput, three 1 Gigabit ethernet ports, and the WatchGuard Dimension - a feature which allows for real-time visibility into network activities.

If your company is interested in acquiring such a safeguard for your network, visit for availability and pricing.

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