Dead Space Free on Origin Until May 8, 2014

The horror-survival third person shooter that started it all, Dead Space, is now free on Origin until May 8, 2014 (that's $19.99 or 100% in savings!) And at almost 6 years old, the game has definitely aged well.

Why is it free though? What's the catch? Turns out EA's pushing "On the House", a new promotion in which the company gives out a game or two for free. As in free. Free play, free to keep. Forever. But only on Origin.

Dead Space free on Origin

Dead Space follows the story of systems engineer Isaac Clarke. Stuck in the mining ship the USG Ishimura, he fights his way through tons of reanimated human corpses called Necromorphs, hallucinations, and fellow human beings. It's got that zombie vibe (plus all the surprises), but happening in the emptiness of space.

To download the game, sign up on Origin and click the link:

Here's to better "On the House" promotions from EA Origin. But I won't be holding my breath.

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